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The new line reflects a gender-neutral take on everyday essentials.

Singapore, 14 February, 2022 – New Balance will be launching their newest line of apparel, Uni-ssentials, on 16 February, 2022. This collection features modern, gender-neutral sportswear staples constructed from the overlapping measurements of traditional men’s and women’s sizing.

Uni-ssentials moves beyond the old, artificial limitations, with a thoughtfully constructed approach to gender neutral sizing. This newly engineered take on unisex sizing has built unique, numbered blocks from the intersecting points of traditional, lettered sizes, based entirely on body shape and measurements.

As sportswear basics continue to be the foundation of modern style, New Balance’s new Uni- ssentials range is a step forward for these wardrobe fixtures. Innovative, gender-neutral sizing built from the overlapping measurements of traditional men’s and women’s sizes offers a modern approach to everyday versatility.

The Uni-ssentials range will be available from 16 February, 2022 at selected New Balance Lighthouse and Experience Stores and on It will also be available at selected Foot Locker and Limited Edt Doors and Zalora by April 2022. The range consists of tops, sweatshirts and shorts with retail prices ranging S$49 – S$89.


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