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Octomore 7.1, newest edition of world’s most heavily-peated whisky series, debuts in Singapore

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THIS September, the ever-adventurous Bruichladdich, a distillery on Islay, Scotland that’s known to break whisky-making traditions, brings to Singapore the Octomore 7.1; the seventh and latest expression of its super-peaty whisky series.

Bruichladdich gathered friends from the media on the evening of 3 September 2015 for an exclusive evening media tasting of the acclaimed super-peaty Octomore 7.1 whisky at Manhattan bar, Regent Singapore. The attending guests were among the first few people in South-East Asia to savour the new Octomore 7.1.

“We are more than excited to present the new Octomore to our guests today. Through sessions like today’s, we hope to show people that Bruichladdich, Octomore, these are not just brand names but are also real places populated with people who work incredibly hard to develop the remarkable whiskies we have here,” said Elisabeth Tona, Regional Marketing Director, Southeast Asia Middle East India, Rémy Cointreau.

Each new edition of the Octomore series breeds eager anticipation and excitement from connoisseurs and collectors worldwide. Peated at a whopping 208ppm, the 7.1 is one of the most heavily peated in its range and, as with other editions of the cult single malt whisky series, each bottling is unique, limited and finite.

The series’ hallmark peatiness remains consistent in the 7.1. All Octomore is matured entirely in warehouses close to a sea loch in Islay named Loch Indaal and the mood evoked by this new single malt reflects the strong influence of the sea. Created using only barley harvested from mainland Scotland, rather than from Islay alone, the Octomore Scottish Barley 7.1 is matured for five years in American oak casks and then bottled at 59.5% abv.

Having announced his retirement earlier this year in July, the Octomore 7.1 is one of the last expressions produced under the watch of Jim McEwan, legendary award-winning distiller who is highly regarded as one of the greatest distillers of his generation. It was officially launched in July to coincide with McEwans’ departure from Bruichladdich.

Creator of Octomore Jim McEwan describes his last masterpiece: On the nose: “Like sea spray and caramel, lemon balm and pipe tobacco. Slowly, the peat rises from the glass, gentle but strong, lifting vanilla, mint, toffee, golden syrup, and almond.” On the palate: “Smoothness, sweetness and then smoke. A texture like no other; satin soft and devilishly warming. The American oak influence is in perfect tune with the smoke and soft fruits that have been delicately coaxed from the still during an exceptionally slow distillation.”

“The feeling is of long summer nights turning cooler as autumn approaches. This dram will transport you to Islay, to watch the sun setting over the sea while breathing in the peat smoke hanging in the air,” McEwan concludes.

The Octomore 7.1 is available at select cocktail and hotel bars in Singapore.

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