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RSIS Trend List – Gold Rush

Are you looking for exquisite yellow gold pieces? Look no further for here they are!

Floral Ringband. Handcrafted in fine 925 Sterling Silver and finished in precious Rhodium. $138.

Jasmine Earrings with Sapphire. Set with precious Cherry Sapphires, hand-crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and plated in precious Rhodium. $180.

Orchid Parade Ring. Casted in 925 Silver and encapsulated in Rose Gold. $170.

Vanda RaySlider. Stylised Vanda Flower and Leaf plated in 24K Gold. $88.

Natural Orchid plated in 24K Gold and Palladium. Slider has 6 ways to style.

All prices are in SGD and inclusive of GST.

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