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Samsung Launches Its Revolutionary SUHD and UHD Line Up in Singapore

Samsung Launches Its Revolutionary SUHD and UHD Line Up in Singapore


New SUHD Nano-Crystal Technology Produces Magnificent Color, Contrast and Brightness For An Incredibly Vivid, Life-Like Picture

Samsung introduces its latest line-up of SUHD TVs recently, setting a new standard in premium UHD (Ultra High Definition) content to raise consumers’ viewing experience to new heights. Samsung reserves the “S” identification for its most premium, flagship products that signify a true leap forward in technology.

Samsung SUHD TVs demonstrate innovative advances in colour reproduction, brightness, contrast and detail to deliver a sensational TV viewing experience. Their nano-crystal technology transmits different colours of light depending on their size to produce the highest colour purity and light efficiency available today. This technology produces a wide range of more accurate colours, providing viewers with 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs.

The newly announced Samsung SUHD TV JS9500 features a chamfer bezel design, adding more depth to the TV screen, and the elegant frame makes the display look like a piece of art when mounted on the wall.

On the other hand, the SUHD TV JS9000 has a soft, textured shirring design on the rear of the display, giving the TV a premium look and stylish edge when viewed from any angle.

Powered by Tizen, Samsung’s new Smart TV platform not only has a multitude of new features, but also a more integrated entertainment experience, and more ways to access content. The new user interface for Samsung’s Smart Hub is simplified to just one screen, displaying consumers’ most recent content and tailored recommendations.

With QuickConnect, Samsungs Smart TVS automatically recognise selected Samsung smartphones once paired via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Samsung smartphone users can now share video content from their Samsung smartphone to their Smart TV with the press of a button. Also, users can watch TV through their mobile devices without any apps or complicated pre-settings.

In addition to the new SUHD TVs, Samsung also launched its latest range of UHD TVs and audio products, including Omni-Directional 360 Audio and its range of Curved and Flat Soundbars, with designs that complement its new TV line-up while enhancing the home entertainment experience via immersive and crystal clear sound.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.28.30 AM

For more information on pricing and availability of Samsung’s 2015 Line-Up of TV and Audio Products, please visit any authorised Samsung dealer’s outlets.


Dawn Chan

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