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Tips to survive Sentosa Spooktacular

Sentosa Spooktacular returns this Halloween with a renewed, immersive and integrated experience for all this year. Transforming the Fort Siloso to the new haunted village Laddaland, all lines are blurred. A returning partnership between Sentosa Leisure Management and Thai film production studio, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd (GTH), the amalgamation of the superb venue and production expertise will bring you quality scares and a bone-chilling experience. Be ready to scare yourself witless with Sentosa Spooktacular.

Sentosa Spooktacular focuses more on make-up and traditional scares. The setting and props are done so convincingly that the backdrop of GTH’s well-received movie Laddaland, and a haunted village actually sinks into your mind as you walk through the 3 haunted houses in the vicinity. We will be going through the three houses to give you more insights of what to expect.

1) Countdown

Enter this 3D madhouse with the walkway in the setting of a night club, where danger and insanity will drive you to fears and uncertainty. The walk to Countdown is a long one, and we hope you will not encounter a long queue. The 3D effects were great, but because of the length of the walkthrough, you might get a little dizzy. Countdown plays on your vertigo and it sets to juxtapose vibrancy and colours into a terrifying setting.

2) Alone

How does having Siamese twins as next-door neighbours sound…? Pim and Ploy are Siamese twin sisters bounded skin-to-skin, organ-to-organ. Pim survived the operation that separated her from Ploy – the same operation that left her sister dead. With a vicious personality, Ploy is not one to leave peacefully. Expect twists and turns of scares from this haunted house (which is my personal favourite). Be sure not to miss the well-designed “secret garden” and the laundry area. Be alert and observant, you are never quite alone in this house.

3) The Swimmers

You cannot scream underwater. Perth is the school’s star swimming athlete who seeks familiarity, peace and solidarity in the pool and underwater after a fatal accident killed his long-time crush. Expect claustrophobic fears to get the better of you in this house. The setting is brilliant and you will find some genuine scares here.

Tips to survive Sentosa Spooktacular: 1) You are only allowed one entry to each of the haunted houses in Sentosa Spooktacular – in the event of long queues, do pick the house that you would not want to miss. It is to note that each haunted house takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, they are pretty long so do not worry about it not being value-for-money. 2) It is mostly an open-air venue, so do pray for favourable weather for the night, and prepare a poncho in case you have to wear it in the haunted houses. 3) That being said, come in comfortable clothing because there will be quite a lot of walking to be done, as well as standing in the waiting queue. 4) Bring a fan to cool yourself down, and lots of fluids. Drinks are sold at Laddaland, prices starting at $3.

Sentosa Spooktacular happens on 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 and 31 October, and 1 November 2014, from 7pm to 1am. For more ticketing and event details, visit We hope you have a great Halloween celebration! Photos: Sentosa Spooktacular Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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