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Top 5 Countries To Escape From Singapore Via VTL

If you've been vaccinated and are looking for your next trip, we've got something special in prepared for you. Singapore has established up VTL quarantine-free travel with a few destinations around the world.

The Vaccinated Travelers Lane (VTL) travel scheme allows vaccinated Singaporeans to travel freely between Singapore and other countries participating in the VTL program. We've identified a few possible destinations for your big vacation this year. Here are top 5 countries to escape from Singapore by VTL.

1. New York, United States

You must visit New York City at least once in your life. Look forward to holiday shopping at world-class retail stores, viewing historic monuments like the Brooklyn Bridge, and so on if you can afford it. Singapore Airlines offers a fantastic 18-hour direct flight or a more cheaper stopover ticket for roughly $950.

2. Australia

Replace the rainy Singapore weather for the scorching summer sun. This month, several airlines are providing direct flights to Melbourne and Sydney. Fly from $500 to Melbourne in 7 hours or $899 to Sydney in 8 hours.

3. Paris, France

With Singapore Airlines or Airfrance, you should go to the European capital of love for a memorable Christmas. Visit beautiful luxury malls such as Galeries Lafayette, eat croissants while admiring the Eiffel Tower, and much more. Flights start at $750 roundtrip and take 12 hours.

4. Vancouver, Canada

Winter in Vancouver is beautiful, with endless mugs of hot cocoa, skiing and snowboarding on Grouse Mountain, and so much more. From $999, Singapore Airlines has 14-hour direct flights to Vancouver.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Finally, Singaporeans will be able to visit Indonesia's tropical islands. We recently announced that Bali, as well as the Bintan and Batam Islands, are reopening to Singaporeans.


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