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Virgin Active Enhances Club Experience with Luxury Beauty Brand APPELLES

Virgin Active, the world's leading health and wellness club operator, has announced its partnership with Australian-owned luxury skin and beauty brand APPELLES. The partnership introduces a range of APPELLES’ premium shower amenities in all Virgin Active clubs in Singapore islandwide from July 2023, enhancing its holistic wellness offerings for all who use its clubs.

According to Virgin Active’s latest Wellness in the Singapore Workplace Survey 2023, 80% of respondents indicated that holistic wellness remains a priority and more than 90% of those surveyed also feel that a comprehensive wellness offering is important when choosing a gym. Virgin Active continues to champion holistic wellness by offering a wide range of recovery and relaxation facilities to complement one’s fitness goals, right down to the smallest details such as post workout showers.

“Virgin Active’s dedication towards elevating one's health and wellness experience is further crystallised by our partnership with APPELLES, integrating multiple aspects of holistic wellness and lifestyle,” says Julien Bera, Country Director of Virgin Active Singapore. “We strongly believe in APPELLES’ goal of improving wellness and lifestyle by taking every single detail into consideration. This collaboration reaffirms our journey in helping people residing in Singapore to not only achieve their physical health goals, but also incorporate wellness into their daily lives.”

APPELLES Classic Collection

Formulated with a unique combination of hero extracts, powerful vitamins and botanical essential oils, the APPELLES Classic Collection delights users with a sensorial experience, gently cleansing and nourishing hair and body.

The collection features Wheat Protein Shampoo, which consists of botanical oils from the Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, leaving hair revitalised and radiant after a rinse. Supplementing the hair care regimen, the Planifolia Conditioner helps neutralise free radicals and protect the hair and scalp from environmental aggressors, such as ultraviolet (UV) damage, leaving the hair silky soft and shiny.

Lather on Comfrey Hand & Body Wash to wash off dirt and sweat after an adrenaline-filled workout. The Comfrey Hand & Body Wash thoroughly cleanses the skin without irritation, and comes with a woody scent from Sandalwood to soothe the senses and calm the mind.

Complete the after-care routine by putting on Vitamin B5 Skin Lotion, containing extracts from ingredients such as Mandarin Peel, Rosemary and Cinnamon Bark, which help boost skin radiance and clarity.

Embracing a calmer and peaceful state of mind while staying mindful of the environment with APPELLES’ sustainable initiatives, all APPELLES products come in eco-friendly packaging and are free from animal-testing. Additionally, APPELLES products are also free from harmful ingredients such as Parabens and Phthalates, and all soaps are triple-milled – a process that removes water, air and impurities – for a healthy and glowing skin.

“More than just a product, APPELLES reflects one’s lifestyle and values. Personal care forms a very important step within one’s well-being journey, and we’ve dedicated our craft to ensuring it is as luxurious as possible”, said Paul Tsalikis, CEO and Founder of APPELLES. “APPELLES is proud to be partnered with Virgin Active to enhance member’s experience in pursuit of a holistic health, fitness and wellness lifestyle.”

With Virgin Active’s mission to champion a holistic health, wellness and fitness lifestyle, one can access a range of recovery and relaxation facilities, which include Zero-gravity Sleep Pods and Hydrotherapy Spa Pool, the APPELLES Classic Collection, as well as a repertoire of wellness programmes such as SkyPark Yoga and Yoga Calm classes.

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