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International debut of 9-member girl group ‘Gen1es’ as next A-Pop idols

For three months since February, idol survival show CHUANG ASIA THAILAND has made a sensation in entertainment internationally, spawning topics of conversations online about each episode and its talented trainees. Most recently, the show has reached its final stage with the nine members QIAO YI YU, RUAN, PAILIU, YEAN, ELYN,  WANG KE, XUEYAO, DID and EMMA are now set for their debut as a full-fledged international girl group called ‘Gen1es’ (Ge - Nies). Along the way, CHUANG ASIA THAILAND’s popularity as well as viewers’ enthusiasm and engagement went from strength to strength towards the end of the season as reflected by a total of 500 million votes for the nine winners on WeTV application whereas the hashtag CHUANGASIA topped NO.1 X trending hashtags in Thailand and #CHUANGAsiaGrandDebutNight has been mentioned over 1 million times.


Mr. Kaichen Li, Lead Producer of CHUANG ASIA THAILAND, and Head of WeTV, said: “We consistently enrich our video streaming platform with fresh selection of original content, recently led by the popular idol survival show CHUANG from Tencent Video. Building on global popularity of this flagship original content, CHUANG ASIA THAILAND was produced as its Asian edition for the first time—a mega project of Thailand’s first Asian regional idol survival show production. The launch in early February garnered highly enthusiastic response from fan across the world, thanks to superb collaboration between the Thai and Chinese production teams. Combined with world-class production and talent development support from strong partners including Have Fun Media, RYCE Entertainment, one31, GMMTV, and 411 Entertainment through its subsidiary 4Venture, the show is a huge success. CHUANG ASIA THAILAND has now entered its final stage for this season, and yet its popularity continued to gain even stronger momentum with growing engagement through voting and intensifying expectations of the final results: total voting during the final round’s livestream amounted to 500 million votes on WeTV application; and the final round sent the hashtag CHUANG ASIA topped NO.1 X trending hashtags in Thailand and #CHUANGAsiaGrandDebutNight has been mentioned over 1 million times”.


Jackson Wang, Lead Mentor and Co-producer of CHUANG ASIA, commented: “I am greatly delighted to have served as the lead mentor and co-produced CHUANG ASIA the first season in Thailand. Our intentions were to extend opportunities and support aspiring talents to pursue their dreams. Whether their performances were good or bad is not as important as how they embraced and kept alive their opportunities during the past three to four months when all of them must have had memorable times and experiences, no matter success or failure. Their performances during this show are never the ultimate conclusion of their true potentials, though. I hope all of them gained plenty of experiences, thoughts, and inspirations, and remember these meaningful moments and experiences. I believe very much that all these can be the first step of their international success—experiences that will be really helpful for self-development into the next version of themselves.”

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