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VISION: Professional illusionist duo, Lawrence and Priscilla Khong return to stun audiences with spe

The multi-million dollar production will present a plethora of brand-new illusions – including the disappearance of a car on stage, a completely uncovered illusion which provides a clear ‘unmasked’ view for the audience, as well as the ‘Fire Sparker’ which takes the traditional sawing illusion into unprecedented territory.

The plot centers around Priscilla’s domain, an alternate dimension in the depths of her fantasy and magic-filled subconscious, where she uses her powers for selfish reasons, even to the extent of capturing her own father. Will Lawrence be able to save himself and his daughter before it’s too late? Through the suspense and danger, audiences can also expect a heart-warming story about family: kinship, love, forgiveness and a better tomorrow.


Held at Esplanade theatres, it was packed as people strode in, anticipating the magic show. It’s a good production for people of all ages, and there were plenty of people who brought their family members along to catch VISION.

This is the production’s second run after its successful debut staging in 2011 where it garnered more than 16,000 ticket sales (92.5%). Besides brand new illusions, audiences can also expect new and elaborate scenes set within a tighter storyline. Cutting-edge sets, backdrops and the introduction of a mysterious villain will also transform the entire feel of the performance, taking it from its previously ethereal version to something different: a faster, grittier and, above all, a more emphatic visual spectacle.


Besides being good illusionists, Priscilla and Lawrence Khong were also great play actors on stage, allowing the audience to really be immersed in the storyline of the magical plot, as well as relating to each character. Their performace is not surprising, considering that Lawrence and Priscilla were named Asia’s First Elite Diamond Award Recipients, and award equivalent to the Oscars in the world of magic. The pair is constantly pushing new boundaries and honing their craft, and has always maintained a hands-on approach, from conceptualization to their final performances.


VISION is not only an aesthetically appealing and entertaining production; it also brings about a heart-warming story. Young actresses and actors were also present to help out with the storyline, and some cheeky remarks made the audiences laugh, and let the parents relate to the fatherly character in the plot. It’s an especially good production for the younger children because it teaches them the value of kinship and love, alongside illusions in the magical dimension.


“As local illusionists, 2015 is a monumental year for the nation as we celebrate SG50. It is the perfect time to showcase the bes of Singapore talent, which is what VISION is all about. With the combined talents of an amazing cast and crew, we hope to present an exceptional production tat Singaporeans can be proud of,” enthuses Lawrence.

The audience can also be expected to be wowed by the disappearance of a car (Ferrari!) as well as the speed in which Lawrence and Priscilla switch places on stage. Best thing to do is: keep your eyes peeled and do not blink! Get your tickets at SISTIC today, with special discounted prices for senior citizens, students and NSF.

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