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WearYouWant exceeds target for 2015

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Thailand’s online fashion and beauty marketplace reports 150% growth in revenue

Bangkok, December 14th 2015: WearYouWant, Thailand’s leading online fashion marketplace has reported a 150% growth in revenue as of December 14th 2015.

“This year has been an astounding year for WearYouWant. We have outperformed our budget for the last 11 months and believe we will end this year on a strong note,” says Julien Chalté, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of

Recent investments by WearYouWant in offline campaigns, such as a BTS skytrain billboard advertising campaign in Bangkok has increased traffic to the website by approximately 30% compared to the same period last year and boosted brand awareness and encouraged important B2B partners, such as Mac Jeans and Aldo, to come on board.

“Our advertising campaign has shown remarkable results in terms of visibility. In addition to generating more traffic and conversions, it has also created trust on the B2B side, which has resulted in an increase of new partners joining our platform,” Martin Sørensen, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of points out.

The Thai fashion market place has approximately 500,000 visits per month and aims to create a high-quality, brand-led seamless online retail experience, which they have achieved for the platform in 2015 on both the B2B and B2C side.

“We have had immense growth in 2015 on the partner side and on the end user side. One of the important strategic focus points for WearYouWant will remain to continue growing our B2B market at the same pace as we grow our B2C database; that is key for being successful in a B2B2C setup as ours,” explains Sørensen.

To celebrate its 4th anniversary this month, WearYouWant launched a successful birthday campaign. Sales from this activity were an all-time record, achieving nearly 50% of the total sales forecasted in December. Other activities slated for this month included the region’s popular 12/12 online shopping phenomenon and holiday sales.

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