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12 things to remind yourself that Christmas is coming

December is almost everybody’s favorite month and all for the right reasons. It is always comforting to know that you have suffered through another year, and braving to the next in a matter of days. Of course, everyone’s favorite festive event also falls aptly in December. Christmas is a season of giving and sharing, and what are the 12 things to know that Christmas is here? We look at some of the common traits in Singapore:

1. Kids… kids everywhere School’s out, kids are everywhere. Expect to bump into kids as small as your knee-length. It happens so often that kids get bumped because they run around crazily while adults are too preoccupied to notice so. If you hate kids, December is not your season.

2. Company dinners and treats Big bosses and companies often hold dinners and treats, as a way of cohesion but most importantly, a discreet way of saying “Thank You for the hardwork and giving me a big year-end bonus, here’s something small for my big paycheck!”

3. Is the entire population in Orchard?

Every December feels as though the entire population of Singapore resides in Orchard. The crowd is massive in December and everyone is busy boosting our economy. The government will be proud!

4. Sales everywhere

What else can cheer you up in a vexing situation of looking for gifts when you see the 4 letter word in caps, bold and against a red background? Singapore is an expensive city to live in, but sometimes gems like massive sales make it a little better.

5. Mariah Carey is playing everywhere

Mariah Carey’s latest album may have flopped, but every Christmas, the melismatic legend earns at least US$1 million in royalties from her Holiday hit, All I Want For Christmas Is You. Undoubtedly one of her most stellar single and also one of the most iconic modern Christmas anthem.

6. Shipping gets delayed

I have learnt not to purchase anything online during the December period because of the hectic shipping schedule. Free shipping would mean it will take you eons to eventually get your purchases delivered. If you’re thinking of getting gifts for others, Christmas would be over by then.

7. … and you’re asked to pay more for postage Only because which other time of the year can you legitimately capitalize on premium postage services for punctual postage arrival?

8. University students in fear for results

Finals end in late November or early December, and results are usually out either before Christmas (see NUS, 23 December 2014) or before New Year Eve (see NTU, 29 December 2014) – yes, universities are brutal like that, they want to ruin your December.

9. Now people start complaining of the wet weather

December is also known as the bad weather month because of the monsoon season. After months of hot weather, people will now start complaining of the weather spoiling their plans and cursing how the weather did not thwart their plans when they wanted it to. It is safer to pack an umbrella whenever you go, or you will end up getting drenched in town as you try to brave through the rain to get to another shopping mall.

10. The intense struggle with gift-wrapping

Gift wrapping is serious business and it can fluff up your white elephant Christmas gifts.

11. The burst of travel-sized lotions in stores Also known as one of the most basic gifts of Christmas, travel-sized lotions at Watsons or Guardian make great gifts to people who you don’t really know but you need to give them something – nothing too fancy but still useful.

12. Long queues at Starbucks

I’ve never been a huge fan of Starbucks, but Christmas mood brings me there and Two for One deals are never a bad idea.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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