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5 Instagram Worthy Cafes in Kampong Glam

Since it has been deemed as the go to place for all things detailed and different, Kampong Glam has seen a surge of younger crowds every weekend in recent years. Now known as hipster haven, along with the likes of areas like Tiong Bahru and Chinatown, Kampong Glam is now filled with restaurant, bars and cafes to satisfy the local craving for artisanal food and a colourful dining experience.

Thus, here are 5 Instagram Worthy Cafes in Kampong Glamafter all, photos or it didn’t happen.

1. The Lab

  Credit: @lostguides

Credit: @kebl93

Quite recently opened, The Lab prides itself in its unique lighting and interior play of wood and glass. EVERY part of the café, from floor, tables, benches, walls and even its counter makes an effortlessly good-looking photo.

1 Jalan Pising #01-01

2. Working Title

Credit: @treeberr 

Credit: @dorasoh

Similar to The Lab, Working Title has tables that give your photos a rustic feel and makes your cup of coffee look super badass. You may even take a cool shot of yourself behind its signature wall typography which is clean and makes for perfect play of filters and other lighting edits. (scream: #OOTDWIN!)

48 Arab Street Singapore 199745

3. Toothless Bear Café & Bar

Credit: @siewlin711

Credit: @iamdeetee

Toothless Bear is impossible to miss at Haji Lane because of its wooden textures and backpackers’ vibe. It also offers special craft beers so be sure to check this place out for a chill-out session, whether it’s in the day or at night! While you are at it, do not forget to upload a raw shot of its shelf props.

20 Haji Lane Singapore 189213

4. Hyde & Co

 Credit: @escapethejunk 

Credit: @celinxoxong

Set to awe the hipster and minimalist in you, Hyde & Co offers food and tea in exquisite glassware. The flowers are bound to make your #FOTD look extra classy and the wall decoration are perfect #OOTD spots!

785 North Bridge Road Singapore 198753

5. CAD Café


Credit: @shaun_le_sheep    Credit: @rachiperera

Stands for Coffee, Art & Design. Encompassing carefully chosen furniture and wall textures, CAD Cafe is a quaint homely art space for great food and artworks by renowned artists to local works. Take some time to walk around and soak in the quiet atmosphere to get the perfect framing for yet another Instagram photo!

23 Haji Lane Singapore 189216

Writer: Racy Lim

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