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5 local musicians you should add to your Spotify playlist

When we think of Singapore musicians, a few common names come to mind such as The Sam Willows, JJ Lin or Stephanie Sun. Little do most people know that there are still a whole pool of underrated local musicians waiting to be discovered. Not everyone may be familiar with these 5 local musicians listed below, but we assure that you’ll be blown away by their unique talents and authenticity. Don’t hesitate to add them to your Spotify playlist because you’ll find yourself wanting to listen to their tunes over and over again!

  1. Joie Tan

Photo Credit: Joie Tan

If you’re into calm songs with soft vocals, you’ll love the soothing melodies by local artiste and singer-songwriter Joie Tan. With a monthly average of over 46,000 listeners on Spotify, she’s also been endorsed by the late Swedish DJ Avicii, as well as record producer Kygo. Joie’s debut album was released in 2018 with 10 self-written tracks on love and loss. You can stream it on all major platforms including Spotify.

  1. Glen Wee

Photo Credit: Esplanade

Indie fans will fall in love with tunes by Glen Wee, one of Singapore’s best musicians known for his warm and smooth vocals. He first made headlines as a contestant on The Final One, and is also part of local band Stillsunrise. Before his music career, he even pursued professional football!

Wee’s solo debut album Sounds In The City features genres from folk-pop to old-school funk and even R&B. Not sure where to start listening? Give Paper Man and House of Stone a go – they’re two of his popular songs and also our favorites!

  1. Disco Hue

Photo Credit: Esplanade

The only band on this list is Disco Hue, a Singaporean group comprising of keyboardist Auzaie Zie, drummer Billy Chua, vocalist Sherlyn Leo and guitarist Rush Ang. Even if you haven’t heard of them, you may be familiar with “I’ll Be Waiting” – a popular single from Arcade, the band’s debut EP. With an average of 14,382 monthly listeners on Spotify, Disco Hue is definitely making a name for themselves with fans not just in Singapore, but also in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

  1. Aisyah Aziz

Photo Credit: Aisyah Aziz

You may have remembered Aisyah Aziz – the singer of viral NEA campaign Clean and Green’s theme song. Within a month, the music video hit 1 million views on Facebook thanks to her great stage presence and sweet vocals!

Aisyah also sang the National Day theme song alongside Charlie Lim and Rahimah Rahim in 2019, and has over 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. As an advocate to singing in one’s mother tongue, her tunes are mostly in Malay, though she sings in English as well.

  1. MYRNE

Photo Credit: MYRNE

Fans of EDM would be familiar with MYRNE, one of Singapore’s biggest names in EDM. Not only was he the first Asian artist to be signed under American DJ Diplo’s record label, he was also the first Singaporean to perform at Tomorrowland Belgium and Ultra Miami. More impressively, he’s also worked with world-famous DJs such as Martin Garrix and What So Not. Check out his latest single “All For Nothing” on Spotify for your EDM fix!

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