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5 Social Media Election Trends to get you excited for GE 2015

It’s the elections season once again, the time where #SGpolitics and #SGelections will spark a lot of discussion on social media. The General Elections are no longer contained in the mainstream print media, which bodes well for voters to have a different vantage point. We ask ourselves: what is happening on social media this General Elections then? Are politicians also becoming more savvy and are able to turn this to their advantage?

1. Meet the new face of National Solidarity Party – Kevryn Lim


Kevryn’s political career has been rather unfortunate on social media thus far. First, a fake Twitter account that has spread untruths about her, in a way, building onto the bimbotic image some have had of her after her issue with transport.


She also became a victim of “Fabrications about the PAP,” a Facebook community, with a rather sexist slam on her attire for a media interview. To be honest, her dress wasn’t that short to be considered inappropriate.

2. Mysterious Rommel Tan


(Source: TheOnlineCitizen)

Rommel Tan probably kickstarted the importance of social media this General Elections. The post talked about Rommel Tan’s personal thoughts after the parties walkabout in Tampines. The walkabout as claimed, did not exist, and after many had probed on the truth of the dubious Facebook post, it was deleted, along with the entire profile. This entire meta fiasco made us realise how dirty politics can be. You can read all in detail here.

3. No more Tuck Yew


(Source: The Straits Times)

Brilliant PR was done for Lui Tuck Yew, the transport minister that was severely criticised for his work when the trains were breaking down before his resignation. After the Kallang-Moulmein GRC was dissolved, Lui tendered his resignation of not running for the coming GE. His letter was published online, and many held soft spots for him – a vast world of difference than back when SMRT had the worst breakdown in history on 7 July 2015, where the NSEW lines were both crippled for hours. Lesson learnt: Remember to publish your resignation letter online for others to know what you’ve done! And haters, no more cursing with Mr Lui’s name.

4. Sylvia Lim – the new digital darling

Photo 16-8-15 10 00 20 pm

Sylvia Lim, chairman of Workers’ Party, has become an online influencer after creating her Instagram account. Her first post was rather political in nature, which prompted DPM Teo Chee Hean with a reply that was dubbed as immature and childish to politics. It was only then did Sylvia’s Instagram gained traction and support from many. Her cryptic hashtag, #reasonstowin, also became a mild meme on Instagram.

5. Posing for the camera

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.44.58 pm

Khaw Boon Wan came under fire on social media after this image circulated on the internet. Are photographs spontaneously taken, or are they captured with specific agendas? Well, shots were fired!

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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