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5 Ways to Show Patriotism on Instagram

Likes on Instagram is a big deal for some – more likes simply exemplify your popularity and ascertain some form of self-esteem boost. This August 9 marks another year in celebration of Singapore’s independence. Reaching the 49th mark, how are you going to show your patriotism to her? We give you 5 ways to show your love for Singapore on Instagram – hopefully for you to get more likes and followers as well!

1) Photos of fireworks

Photo 3-8-14 8 11 48 pm

Take the time to enjoy the fireworks the country has put up for you. Other than special occasions like New Year Day, the country rarely sees the combustible beauty in the sky. Every year, fireworks get more elaborate and better; and by better we mean MORE fireworks. The Wacky Duo has come up with the top places where you can catch the best view for some fireworks appreciation. It’s a light-hearted take on seeing money gets blown up into gorgeous sparkles in the sky. Photos of fireworks are a tad tricky to take unless you hone exemplary photography skills.

2) Baking fun


As the saying goes “the way to the heart is through the stomach,” get into edible fun with creative creations that sport patriotic designs. Fondants on cupcakes can be a good start. It will be great fun having to painstakingly carve out the 5 stars for your fondant design (if you do not have a star-shaped cutter, that is). It will be even greater fun to post them on Instagram and get all the likes!

3) Play dress up

Photo 3-8-14 8 12 23 pm

I’m not talking about dressing up in red and white. Those are mandatory and self-explanatory. Go for more adventurous stuff – wear a wig, apply temporary tattoos on your face and arms. On normal days you get the stares of judgment, but for National Day, it’s a sign of love and patriotism. If you have a pet dog, dress them up! Who wouldn’t double-tap on a photo of a pet dog snugged in a cute outfit adorning Singapore colours?

4) Flags on car

Photo 3-8-14 8 12 11 pm

You’ve probably seen the cars with a cover donning the Singapore flag on the side windows. It is a sign of patriotism to the country, and something most army regulars do each year. A reflection selfie taken by the side mirrors will be nice.


If you dare, do something a little more extreme, like this BMW.

5) SG50

Photo 3-8-14 8 15 11 pm

Photo 3-8-14 8 15 26 pm

Our per capita income has gone from US$500 in 1965 to almost US$64,584 (S$80,253) last year, based on purchasing power parity terms. No other nation state can match this record. Starting the #SG50 campaign with what you feel about our nation’s big 50 in 2015. Photos of nostalgia of the olden days is a good way to garner support from people. Share your gratitude towards the country by sharing interesting captions online.

Photo credits: respective Instagram account from #NDP2014 and #SG50,

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