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6 Singapore shows on Netflix you can binge

6 Singapore shows on Netflix you can binge to #supportlocal

In commemoration of Singapore 55th birthday, Netflix launched a series of Singapore shows in August for your binging pleasure. From old-time favorites such as Growing Up to record-breaking movies like Ah Boys To Men II, here are 6 local shows that you should add to your Netflix list!

1. Best of Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd

Photo Credit: Netflix

If you’re Singaporean but have never watched Phua Chu Kang, it’s safe to say that you missed out on your childhood! Not only did the show take Singlish by storm back in the day, it was also an old-school favorite with hard-to-forget catchphrases such as “Use your blain” and Don’t pray pray”. Tune in for some laughs with your family and friends as Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh) takes on the screen with his signature yellow boots, large facial mole and eccentric habits.

2. Homerun

Photo Credit: IMDA

Set in 1965, this film by Jack Neo tells a story about two siblings who go through adversities after the bother loses his sister’s only pair of school shoes. Not wanting to trouble their family financially, the boy takes part in a running race in hopes to win her a new pair of shoes. The plot of the story is simple, but touches on a diverse range of themes such as friendship, political relations between Singapore and Malaysia, and SES. Definitely a touching movie worth prepping a box of tissues on hand!

3. Ah Boys To Men II

Photo Credit: Netflix

Army boys everywhere would relate to this movie – one of Singapore’s top grossing films of all time offering a glimpse into the lives of Singaporean boys in National Service. With Ah Boys To Men II, expect lots of Hokkien phrases, comedic scenes, good-looking characters and bromance that will warm the cockles of your heart.

4. Bunga Tanjong

Photo Credit: MediaCorp

Time for some drama-rama! Touching on themes surrounding love, misogyny and corruption, Bunga Tanjong explores the lives of Malay women in the early 1960s struggling to make a better life for themselves. The story follows a young woman, Miriam, who becomes a cabaret dancer after her abusive gangster husband is imprisoned. Directed by Ramon A. Estella, the film went on to win numerous awards and accolades.

5. Growing Up

Photo Credit: IMDB

Many Singaporeans literally grew up watching Growing Up, and it was a long-running show that spanned 6 seasons between 1996-2002. Growing Up features the challenges that Mr. Tay, a stern father goes through to keep his family together amidst challenges that threaten to tear them apart – such as divorce, infidelity and disease. With so much going on, one Season on Netflix may not be enough to satisfy our binging desires!

6. Ilo Ilo

Photo Credit: MeWATCH

Ilo Ilo is a critically-acclaimed film that gained a lot of recognition, even snagging the prestigious Caméra d’Or award in 2013. It follows a domestic helper named Teresa who leaves her home in the Philippines to work in Singapore for a couple and their delinquent son, Jiale. While the relationship between Teresa and Jiale was turbulent at first, they eventually grew to share a unique bond.

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