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7 Places of Tranquility in Singapore

It’s always about appreciating a different tranquility and beauty. Despite being a small nation where it only takes an hour (without traffic jam) to drive from one end to another end in this country, there are places of an alternative vibrancy. Here are the 7 places that are quiet but they have a certain charm with them – be in being rich in heritage, history, tranquility or obscurity. They possess an alternative beauty that we rarely see nowadays.

1) Coney Island


Also known as Serangoon Island on the map, Coney Island, a 45 hectare island, is slated to open in 2015 as a recreational park with further residential plans in discussion. It is now out of bounds to public and is connected to the end of Punggol waterway via a bridge. The vicinity, however, is a peaceful and scenic area great for families, friends and lovers.

2) Jalan Bahar Dragon Kiln

A place where you can shop, walk in the dragon kiln, attend clay workshops and enjoy the nature, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle rests at a tranquil corner in the west of Singapore. The vicinity retains most of the simplistic days of Singapore, from the piles of pottery by the corner to old signboards.

3) Murai Dormitories

Hidden from the view of the wide Lim Chu Kang road, there are dormitories built less than 20m from the Muslim cemetery in Murai Farmway. Being out of sight from the main Lim Chu Kang road, the dormitories are only accessible through some small slip roads of Murai Farmway. Many expressed a situation of social exclusion towards foreign workers who stay in these accommodation.

4) Sembawang Hot Springs

Not exactly what we would have pictured in our minds, Sembawang Hot Springs is hidden a distance from Gambas Avenue. Some believe that the hot water has healing powers to ailments such as eczema and arthritis. It is open 7am-7pm daily. F&N even bottled the mineral water as Seletaris in the 1920s.

5) Mediacorp Tuas TV World

An outback to Channel 8’s classic dramas such as Tofu Street, The Price Of Peace and Wok Of Life, the Mediacorp Tuas TV World was built to recreate the ambience of a bustling town of 1950s – shophouses, mansions and roads.

6) Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a winding road that links Thomson to town in a short minute drive. Other than those S$10 million net worth private houses with long driveways, the road opens to a small outlet which is the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. It is a luscious of greenery that looked more beautiful than terrifying in the day and evening. I took my OOTD there once too.

7) Changi Chapel & Museum

Located next to The Bark Cafe, the Changi Chapel & Museum is dedicated to Singapore’s history during the Second World War. It holds a collection of paintings, photographs and personal effects donated by former POWs, nestling in the serene Changi, next to the Changi Prison.

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