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A night of Discovery with Cod Fish Sperm

Marugoto Shokudou: A rare authentic Japanese Dining experience in Ang Mo Kio

Nestled within the bustling, raucous neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio, in the recently refurbished Broadway Plaza which once housed the now-defunct eponymous cinema, a quality Japanese diner is set to dazzle with new culinary standards. Aptly named Marugoto Shokudou, the first word of which literally meaning “to eat an entire meal”, this Japanese diner is proud to bring a bona fide Japanese dining experience to heartlanders with a menu of nearly 150 unique items, each lovingly crafted by a dedicated culinary team.

To please popular palates, the restaurant menu stays faithful to staples such as the refreshing Momotaro, Tako Wasabi and Negi Toro Don. The restaurant also serves up a hearty bowl of Tori Tsukune Nabe, topped with fresh minced chicken meatballs, succulent chicken charshu, and accompanied by cabbage and spring onions, with which diners can opt for a bowl of steaming rice or ramen to soup up the luscious chicken broth.

I was invited to a food tasting dinner by Esther Yong, Managing Director of Marugoto Shokudou  yesterday. It was one of the heartiest japanese meals I had so far in Singapore. When I arrived at the restaurant, I was greeted by Esther, a semi-retired professional with a deep passion for traveling and Japanese cuisine. While waiting for the guests to arrive, we had a good chat about her business and she shared about some challenges she faced in the food & beverage business.

I came to a conclusion that F&B operators really go the extra in bringing the best food and service to their customers. And this is really against the backdrop of a tough economic outlook, tight labour conditions and rising rental costs. So we really do need to support our local F&B operators. Its lots of hard work and dedication involved here.

Serious issues aside, here’s the menu for the night.


Appetizer Ankimo (Angle fish ) Salad Buta Shabu-shabu Salad Assorted Sashimi ( kanpachi , toro , salmon belly , uni sushi ) Mushimono Foie Gras Chawanmushi Main Course Kimchi Miso Ramen & Tokyo Shoyu Ramen Beef Kushiyaki Osuimono Shirauo Osui ( cod fish sperm ) Dessert Ice Cream Sandwiches

Let me share some must haves at this restaurant.

photo 1

Dish: Ankimo

Ankimo is a Japanese dish made with monkfish liver. The liver is first rubbed with salt, then rinsed with sake. It is considered one of the delicacies of Japan. The texture is interesting. It feels like eating liver tinged with some salted marination. I can’t described the taste. But certainly a rare dish suitable for foodies who are into exotic delicacies.

photo 2

Uni Sushi ( Sea Urchin )

Sea urchin Sushi is one of the top three delicacies in Japan along with mullet roe ( Karasumi), and cured sea cucumber intestines (Konowata). The colors range from yellow to bright orange. This dish was definitely one of the highlights for me.  It melts in your mouth the moment you eat it. Awwww.

photo 4

Dish: Shirauo Osui ( Cod Fish Sperm) 

This was one dish that created lots of excitement amongst the ladies yesterday. And you should know the reason from the sub head. The ‘brain like’ dish is actually Cod Fish Sperm!

We were told that this dish is only made available during the winter season. Hence, for customers to have a taste, one has to wait till the end of the year, mostly. The soup was nice, I must agree. Lightly salted and easy on your taste buds. As for the cod fish sperm, hmmm, it was indeed a very unique ‘sensation’ tasting cod fish sperm. It is nothing like what you might think. 🙂 I thought the taste felt like eating mashed egg yolk. Well you need to try it yourself to know the taste. I heard this dish will boost your energy and revitalise your body. Hmmmm..


Dish:Assorted Sashimi

What can i say? Just look at the presentation. It was simply heavenly eating the Kanpachi, toro, Salmon Belly and tuna. My all-time favorite dish.

photo 5

Dish: Ice cream sandwich. 

I have not seen this desert around in Singapore. It comes in either Vanilla or Chocolate. A must try for all sweet tooth folks.

Here’s some photos from the official website:



Operating Hours: 1130hrs– 2230hrs

Last order at 2200hrs (Mondays:Closed during lunch) Address 4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, Broadway Plaza, #01-07, 569841 Contact: 6451 2822 Email Website Facebook

Editor, Dennis Toh

Instagram: Dennistohsg

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