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A Peek into the Newest Real Escape Game: Escape from the Walled City

We were invited to try out one of the previous real escape games, to have a feel of what it is like and as a precursor to the the new real escape game.

If you haven’t tried a real escape game before, here is how it works. Usually each game has a theme to it. The real escape game we tried was Escape from the Werewolf Village.

So there are our puzzles in the envelope and we have an answer sheet we have to fill in as we solve the puzzles. In the process of solving the puzzles, we will also unlock a small chest with a crucial clue in it. 

The interesting thing about this theme was that our clues would lead us to identify the werewolves and we would have to figure out how to escape from them. It was a challenging game and we had fun working as a team. If you have tried previous real escape games and enjoyed them, you should not miss the next real escape game: Escape from the Walled City. It promises so much more with the huge venue available at the Yio Chu Kang Stadium.


Chee Sheng, Alvin, Damien and I can’t wait for the next real escape game!

Here’s a short video that introduces the escape game:

Based on the popular anime, Attack on Titan, it revolves around the idea of participants being trapped in a walled city that protects them from human-devouring titans. The fate of mankind lies in the participants’ hands and they have to escape from this despair within one hour before the titans end the lives of all mankind.


Find out more information at or you can buy tickets at


13th December, 13:00 and 17:00

14th December, 13:00 and 17:00

Writer: Samuel Low

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