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Be Amazed with Xin Cuisine’s Exotic Mooncakes

It seems like a competition in the industry on who can wow the consumers with the most exotic of flavours and the most elegant of mooncakes encased in golden baked skin or dewy snowskin.

This year, Xin Cuisine at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium boasts a box of beautifully handcrafted snowskin mooncakes with colours so mesmerising, it is bound to leave you spoilt for choice on which to indulge in first.


The box of 6 snowskin mooncakes that comes in an elegant box with gold embossed orchids consists of Purple Sweet Potato and Macadamia Nuts, Coffee White Lotus with Rum & Raisin Chocolate, Peranakan Durian, Pandan White Lotus with Champagne Chocolate, Green Tea Paste with Baileys Cream Chocolate and Soursop and Chocolate Crunch.

One of my favourite exotic flavour would be the Soursop snowskin which was surprisingly refreshing, with fibres of the light citrusy fruit within! The Peranakan Durian amazed us by using Buttery Pea Flower, showcasing a deep blue exterior from the flower, and a generous amount of durian encased within. For the alcoholics, you’ll definitely find yourself going for a second helping of the Green Tea Paste with Baileys Cream! The other flavours using pandan and purple sweet potatoes are more traditional and are sure to be well liked by the older people. This also means that there’s something for everyone in the family in one box!


The classic Xin’s Signature Mini Egg Custard with Egg Yolk will also be available this year, featuring a velvety custard filling, topped with an accent of gold – a classic not to be missed.

With mid autumn being a yearly affair, and flavours not repeating themselves year after year, you really won’t want to be missing out on what they have to offer this year. Don’t count your calories, make the calories count!

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photos: Nichology

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