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Christmas Feasts with Furama

Does good tasting food have to be difficult to make?

Nope. Before we began our Christmas feast, Chef William demonstrates how to make an aloe vera and lemon grass jelly dessert. There were only a few steps involved and can be simply done at home. Makes for a really good potluck dish.

 Furama is all prepared for Christmas, are you? Their Christmas meal specials are all ready to go and let’s show you some of them.

Some of these desserts look so good!

This is the Elton Strawberry Mess. It looks so gorgeous and pretty with all the fruits on top.


This aloe vera and lemon grass jelly dessert was the one Chef William demonstrated how to make earlier. With a little touch up in terms of decoration, it looks really good!

This is the Santa Hors d’oeuvre Collection consisting of Yankee Poached Lobster and Seafood Salad with Fruits, Smoked dome and Lychee in Sour Plum Sauce and Sichuan Cucumber Black Fungus Salad.

This was our first main course. There was Braised Beef Chuck Rib with Tomato Sauce, Salmon Wellington with Chive Cream Sauce and Deep Fried Crispy Shredded Filo Prawn Roll. This course comes from Furama City Centre.

Our second main course consisted of Blanquette Chicken, Seared Snow Fish with Parsley Butter Sauce and King Oyster Mushroom Confit.


For our dessert, we had the Santarina Sweet Trio which comprised of Durian Pengat Cake (Furama City Centre), Red Velvet Cake, Chilled Lemon Grass Jelly with Aloe Vera and Botanic Berries.

Do note that all serving portions have been tailored and actual serving portions will differ from the above photographs.

For reservations or more information on the Christmas buffet lunches and dinners at Furama RiverFront, visit or call +65 6739 6468.

For reservations or more information on the Christmas buffet lunches and dinners at Furama City Centre, visit or call +65 6531 5366.

Writer: Samuel Low

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