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Dining at 8: Korean BBQ at its finest


8 Korean BBQ is located at Central Eu Tong Sen Street and it is no typical Korean BBQ restaurant. Let’s tell you why.

The layout of the restaurant has a country feel, with brick like tiles, dim lights and air vents on top. It makes for a very comfortable atmosphere in which you can have a chat with friends while enjoying good food.


The specialty of this restaurant is their 8 color set. They have eight flavors but celebrate one pork belly. They include wine, original, herb, ginseng, garlic, curry, miso and red pepper paste. The 8 color set is recommended for 3-4 people. The 8 color set costs $98, while the 4 color set recommended for 2 people costs $58.


The different flavors are captured in the slices of pork belly and each slice is like a slice of perfection. You can really savor the flavor of each of the pork belly.

My friend strongly recommends the ginseng flavored pork belly. As for me, I can’t decide, they are all equally unique and all deserve a try. Try ‘em all!

Staff preparing the pork belly for us

Pork belly sizzling on the grill

We were served a special brew of ice lemon tea which contained Yuzu, honey and citrus. It was really thirst quenching and was a good beverage to match the pork belly.

Homemade Lemon Tea

Other sides included beet and radish, white seaweed, spring onion kimchi and Korean pickle. The sauces and sides are all produced in-house. There were bean paste and chili sauce available for us to dip our meat in and we could wrap them up in the sides and they would taste daebak!

Side dishes being laid out on the table

The seafood stew had 6 different ingredients of which there are mussels, clams, tau kwa, squid, prawns and vegetables. It is flavorful and sweet with a hint of spiciness. If you don’t take spicy food, do not fear because the level of spiciness is mild. I love the seafood stew but don’t take my word for it, try it!

photo 1

With regards to the seafood stew, Jamie, the boss of 8 Korean BBQ, has let on that he has been constantly preparing the stew himself for the past 1 year which explains why the taste is consistently so good. He also recommends Korean pancake, steamed egg and grilled squid as sides.

Layout of the pork belly with the sides and a stew

Jamie and his staff posing for a photograph

Interview with Jamie

Qn: Why is the shop named 8 Korean BBQ?

Ans: 8 was decided on because it is catchy. Let’s go to 8. It is also because 8 stands for ‘huat’ in Chinese.

Qn: What flavors are your personal favourite?

Ans: Herb and red pepper pork belly.

Qn: What is the concept of this restaurant?

Ans: We are the only Korean restaurant that brings in Mangalitsa pork from Hungary. We offer affordable prices for premium food. Our chef was invited from Korea and has more than 30 years of culinary experience.

So as you can see, 8 Korean BBQ restaurant indeed offers high quality food at reasonable rates. If you want to eat Korean BBQ and you are sick of the usual quality meat they serve, come to 8 Korean BBQ and indulge your taste buds!

8 Korean BBQ

Central, Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817

Phone: 6222 2159

Writer: Samuel Low

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