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Eat Clean, Train Dirty with TIN Influencer Shannon Quek

How many of us can proudly claimed to have lost weight and transformed significantly? To be honest, not many.

Many of my friends talk about losing weight but it has always been ‘All Talk No Action’. I can think of one chap who has showed results.

It can only be Shannon Quek.

TIM speaks to TIN Lifestyle & Fitness Blogger Shannon Quek and find out more about his gym regime.


  1. Tell us more about yourself.

I’m Shannon or you can call me MSK for short. I blog at

I’m a fitness blogger who likes to share with all my readers about proper fitness exercises and habits, good nutritional information, and great ways to lose weight and build muscles.

Follow me on my blog as well on my Instagram @MrStyleKing for awesome fitness and health tips and information!

  1. What are some key focus in your blog?

Fitness, health and good nutritional eating advise. For the average person on the street, great tips on losing weight, building muscles and toning up your physique.

  1. Why should people visit your blog?

My blog is filled with great tips and info graphics on how to lose weight fast and effective, build quality lean muscles the right way, and how to develop good nutritional eating habits.

  1. Can you name one blogger whom you look up to and why?

It has to be Jeff Seid who is the youngest IFBB Pro aesthetic fitness influencer from the US.

Jeff Seid has a huge follower base in all his social platforms and his inspirations come from how to live a better quality lifestyle through fitness, health and good quality living.

  1. If you have one day to live, what would you do?

Go to the gym for one last awesome workout, then spend time with my family and my girlfriend, and finally spending time looking at the sunset in my last few moments in my life.

  1. FamePower or Fortune, if you could pick one.

Fame so that I can influence much more people into taking up proper fitness and eating habits in order to have a better quality of life.

  1. What are your plans in the next 5 years?

Build my digital marketing career, get to a much better health and fitness level, and settle down with my love one.

  1. What do you think of the blogging scene in Singapore?

Chaotic, complex yet mundane.

  1. Share with us your most memorable Blogging assignment you had so far.

My Seoul Travel Trip with William.

  1. Tell us a little secret about yourself.

I’m actually a very lazy and forgetful person! That’s why I have to get someone else to organize things for me! (My girlfriend!)

  1. Who do you think will be the ‘IT’ Influencer in 2015?

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