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Exclusive Interview with Digital Artiste- Ben Jermie ( The Influencer Network)

Singapore alpha male- Ben Jermie (ChocolatePistol) was a model-turned-actor. He was talent-scouted in Channel U idol Search TV Programme “The next big thing!” in 2004 and emerged as the winner with his sunshine good looks.

After the talent contest, Ben Jermie had a 2 years contracts with Mediacorp and did a vast assortment of appearances in variety shows and major charity shows like Ren ci & President stars charity show and also sing alongside Hong Kong veteran singer Nancy sit.

His 1st acting experience was acting as Cynthia Koh’s student-turned young husband in the legal drama ‘Fa ting qiao jia ren’. He also got a lead actor role in Hong Kong singer 周麗淇 Niki chow’s video. You may have also seen him in big cinema as the lead role of the chinese film ‘The spirit compendium’ in 2008.

Beside acting, Ben also did several TVC commercial like Mcdonalds and Starhub tv. Ben Jermie is also probably the guy with the “MOST FIREARM” at home (find out yourself below).

He is currently contracted under The Influencer Network as a Digital Artiste and also as a Celebrity Blogger. He is hoping to take up more jobs on social media, acting, print ads, TVC and more. We also heard that he will be also hosting an online show “So you think you are cuter” pairing with another Digital Artiste- Renfred Ng (Campus Superstars Season 1) soon under The Influencer TV.


-An Exclusive Interview with Ben Jermie-


1) 3 words to sum you up? Ben Jermie:  Unpredictable, colorful and jolly.

( You can say I’m pretty much like a box of fruity pebbles cereal.. taste pretty yummy too,i mean the cereals. lol )

2) Not many people know that… (Share with us 3 things)

Ben Jermie:

-I go to the church and MOVIE DATES with my mom & dad regularly.

-This is embarrassing but the first song that i learn to play on the guitar is “Heart’ by Britney Spears. It’s a bonus track so not many ppl know about this song but it was my most played song on my iPod back in school. (I’m a sucker for sappy songs.)

-I just woke up,haven’t showered and I’m replying this interview in my boxers. The air-con is also fully blast and I’m wrapping myself with a thick quilt like a cocoon. Oh and my hair looks like crap now.

3) Name us a person you inspired to be and why

Ben Jermie: Pharrell Williams. I love his music,style and what he did with the clothing line Billionaire Boys Club. Starting a fashion line i can call my own has always been something I’m interested in venturing.


4) The most embarrassing moment you’ve come across in life? Was it having to act in a bed scene with another male actor?

Ben Jermie: I don’t think that is the most embarrassing moment in my life, it’s only acting after all. BUT it’s definitely EXTREMELY AWKWARD. I was perpetually wearing nothing but only my underwear for most scenes but all of us (the crew) kinda got used to it after awhile. I was lucky that the director allowed me to at least wear underwear for the shower scene. It’s embarrassing but i definitely had worse moments in life.

5) You are probably the guy with the “MOST FIREARM AT HOME”? Because we always seen you posting photo of pistol gun related collectibles on your instagram (@Chocolatepistol). Just out of curiously, when you started to have interest in collecting items related to pistol gun and may we know how many pistol gun related collectibles you have at home? (Able to show us a photo of all your collectibles?)

Ben Jermie: I’ve lost count. My love for guns started too young. Here’s a collage that I saved from my instagram but it’s less than half of what I have at home.

photo-14 (1)

6) We all know you are a very social media savy person and “ChocolatePistol” is your cybername for your blog, twitter and instagram. How did this name came about?

Ben Jermie:  It’s a secret only my partner,ex or my best friends would know. Shhhhhhh. I kid. There’s no interesting story behind it. lol.

7) We see you always dressed very fashionably and keeping up with the latest fashion trend. What or who are your major fashion influences and name us your 3 favorite brand.

Ben Jermie: My mom. She used to work as a fashion merchandiser and she loves dressing me up even as a kid. She ensures that i don’t repeat my outfits for sunday school,that I was in primary school then and i thought that was pretty insane (but I love her anyway). She is one of the most fashionable woman i know that’s also beautiful inside out. (she might read this interview)

It’s hard to name 3 favorite brands because i’ve so many brands that i adore and i’m kinda fickle when it comes to brands. But I’m stocking quite a bit of Givenchy,Hood By Air and Supreme in my wardrobe lately.


8) You sure have a contagious smile and fun personality. How do you stay happy and inspired all the time?

Ben Jermie: Thanks. *puts on the bigggest smile *

I don’t wanna sound too preachy but I think my religion helps me a lot in staying positive.

9) Where do you see yourself 3 year from now? (Like what you wish to see yourself doing more) 

Ben Jermie: I’ve said this in many other interviews before, i really hope chocolatepistol could have even more collaborations be it in fashion or food. I’m thinking chocolatepistol cupcakes, apparel etc.


10) What’s your best fashion advice?

Ben Jermie: Never be afraid to break rules. Fashion is about having fun. Hell lotsa fun.


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(Photo Credits: IHC500DPhotography)

Writer: William Tan

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