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Freeze the Moment with Heineken Extra Cold

When it comes to beer, no one likes warm beer, don’t we? It just tastes blehhhh and so with Heineken’s latest technology, Heineken Extra Cold serves its signature Heineken draught beer at sub-zero levels.


If it is cold enough for us, it should be cold enough for you. Drinking chill beer from a frozen glass and enjoying the company of friends, what could be better?

It’s really innovative considering that everyone assumes beer will be served cold but now it is being served even colder. How do they do that? The Heineken Extra Cold draught is tapped from a carefully constructed, partly-frozen draught column that comes complete with a thin layer of ice and a booster cooler that chills the beer down to a sub-zero temperature. Heineken glasses are super chilled to maintain the taste with the perfect pour, so as to complement the intense enjoyment of a tasty and crisp Heineken that is extra cold.


Emcee introducing Heineken Extra Cold

Heineken Extra Cold is available in more than 110 markets globally including Singapore. Every glass of Heineken Extra Cold is served in accordance with the ‘Heineken Star Serve Ritual’, which details specific pouring angle, glassware cleanliness, foam skimming technique and serving standard to ensure the quality of the Heineken draught beer is consistently served at its highest so that enjoyment from a perfect Heineken draught beer is never compromised.

Now that is enough said, I am thirsty just by imagining that cup of chilled beer being served. Cheers!

For more information on Heineken, click here .

Writer: Samuel Low

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