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Gerald Png looks set for fame in the Singapore’s male blogging scene

Do men get it? In the realm of blogging, which is largely dominated by fashion-savvy and trend conscious women, men are lagging behind in terms of the number of players and also their popularity. We typically only remember bloggers like Xiaxue, Bong Qiu Qiu, Tammy Tay and Andrea Chong. Typically people are more interested to hear from beautiful and stylish women sharing their beauty tips, then for men to do the same.

Of late, we have however seen an influx of male bloggers entering into the blogging scene. Perhaps in a blogging world dominated by women, we are starting to witness societal acceptance of men blogging and no longer it is perceived as a feminine thing to do. Some of the more stylish male bloggers in Singapore include William Tan, Tommy Wee, Nich Tan, Benjamin Toh and Yutaki, just to name a few.  They have achieved some stardom in the realm of blogosphere.

Would we see more interesting male faces in the blogging circle in 2015? I believe there would be more men joining the blogging profession and use it as a platform to catapult themselves to a higher celebrity standing.

One blogger who is set to conquer the male blogging market is Gerald Png, a TIN Influencer who is 19 this year. When interviewed, he shared that he is keen to enter into the entertainment scene and blogging is a strategic platform for him to do so.

TIM sat down with Gerald Png and asked him a few questions about his blogging journey so far. Read on.


1. Tell us more about yourself

My name is Gerald. My nickname is “G” or GD. Not G-Dragon but just my name. I’m really happy that blogging became my hobby because I think it helps me relieve stress and gets my brain working. I just started to blog recently because of my girlfriend, Trista. Do remember to check her out at

Basically, I’m a lifestyle blogger and I do understand that everyone has his or her own point of view and perspective. I’m very new to the industry and I do believe that everyone will have a chance to succeed in life.

Well, whenever I’m alone or when I’m free, I’ll beatbox to any song because I love to beatbox. I love to dress up myself though sometimes I can be a fashion disaster or terrorist!

2. What are some key focus in your Blog ?

My key focus for my blog is actually more of fashion, food, pets, reviews like beauty products, men’s daily essentials and stuffs. I just want to create awareness for everyone that’s around me. Let’s say someone wants Product A and he can simply just head over to my blog to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of Product A.

3. Why should people visit your blog?

My style of blogging is to make everyone happy and informed. It’s suitable for everyone including females and its not just because I’m a male blogger, it means I’ll only blog about men’s stuff. I’m pretty sure there are not many male bloggers out there. I’ve got a lot of crazy stuffs to blog about so if you stay with me, you’ll get to see a different side of me and I promise you’ll like it!

4. Can you name one blogger whom you look up to and why ?

I always look up to Yutaki and Typical Ben because I do really love their fashion sense and especially their hair. Sometimes, I really hope I can be like them.. Well, hoping is not a bad thing but in order to achieve it, you need to overachieve your targets and work extra hard for it.

I think their content is rich and informative and if I’m clueless about something, I’ll always refer to their blog.

5. If you have one day to live, what would you do?

I’ll spend my day with my girlfriend and family. Remind them how much joy they have given me and hold them in my arms. I’d make sure I tell them that I love every single one of them for bringing me so much happiness and raising me up. I just can’t thank them enough for being by my side whenever I’m down or unmotivated.

6. Fame, Power or Fortune, if you could pick one….

I’ll pick fame. Because when you achieve fame, there’ll be fortune. And when there’s fortune, there’ll be power. It’s a cycle and a slow process.

7. What are your plans in the next 5 years ?

My 5 year’s plan consist of growing with the society and the company where I can progress and see myself being that someone that is able to lead a team well. To take on additional responsibilities and most importantly, to learn. Never too old or young to learn, as long as you’ve the opportunity and the right mindset.

I do have a dream. I actually want to open a cafe of my own that sells western cuisine and desserts like cakes and tarts so that all the cafe hoppers or bloggers will come to my cafe and publicise it using their social media platforms!

And of course, to marry the love of my life.

To find our more about Gerald Png, head on to his digital spaces:



P.S Gerald Png is also a digital strategist with The Influencer Network. To engage him, do write to

Written and edited by Dennis Toh

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