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Go Crazy at Brizo’s Crab Buffet!


Away from the bustling Clarke Quay is Brizo, a cozy restaurant at the lobby of Park Hotel. One of the most exciting food event is the buffet that features more than 19 types of appetizing crab delicacies that is bound to be an extravagant feast for the seafood lovers from 3 July to 31 August 2014.



A peek into the selection will find the wide variety. The fusion Crab Bouillabaisse with Fennel & Pernod, local tastebud-friendly Laksa Crab and Indian Spice Curry Flower Crab (served with prata, papadum and keropok), and deep-fried delights like the Soft Shell Crab and Baked Crab in Shells are amongst the many. The taste and texture of crab differs with the method of cooking. With so many styles of crabs to choose from, it can be quite a tiresome decision-making process. We have picked 2 of our personal best for you, the must-try of at this crab buffet.


Fans of salted egg will be delighted that Brizo offers Salted Egg Crab in the buffet menu. Generous in salted egg but do catch them quick while its hot to enjoy the creamy texture of the salted egg sauce. It hardens and becomes chunks of crisps when it is left cooled after some time.



My favourite of all is definitely the Steamed XO Crab. The XO broth is light and carries a tinge of bitterness, elevated by the sweetness of the crab and steamed egg. The bitterness comes from the XO which, combines with the freshness of the crab, gives a pleasant and herbal taste. The crab is very fresh in this, with the crab meat in easily off the shell to further exemplify its freshness. This is a definite must-try at this crab buffet.



The spread of the buffet is impressive – other than 19 types of different crab delicacies, Brizo also offers other seafood like mussel, scallop, salmon sashimi, prawns and more. The dessert section brings some local delights to the table – Nonya Kueh, Durian Pengat, hot Cheng Tng, and other staples like macarons, Mousse in shooters and Fondue. If you really just want something generic, they do have mini cornettos and magnum ice-cream for you.

Brizo undeniably offers an impressive spread of buffet. It will be a delight for crab lovers – do not expect to fall in love with every dish though, it is really subjective to the way you would like how crab is handled. With an equally strong dessert section for the sweet tooth, do give it a go if you value variety.

Crazy about Crabs Buffet Dinner (with free complimentary parking for dinner) Thursdays to Sundays, 6.30pm to 10.30pm $55++ per person $90++ per person (inclusive of wine, beer and soft drinks) $100++ per person (inclusive of champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks) Children under 12 years old enjoy 50% off For reservations, call 6593 8855

Brizo Park Hotel Clarke Quay 1 Unity Street Singapore 237983

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photos by: Nicholas Tan

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