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Go down memory lane with Swensen’s Walt Disney movie themed ice-cream cakes

Fans of the galaxy from far, far away have more reasons to rejoice on 4th of May 2016 as Swensen’s spectacularly covers the extensive series of Star Wars movie, split into three categories: Star Wars Classics (Episode 1 – 6), Star Wars – The Force Awakens (Episode 7) and Star Wars Rebels in their latest ice-cream cake release. Every Star Wars category features the signature “forces”, the evolution of casts throughout the years as well as the reveal of the good and dark side.

Earlier this year, Zootopia, an American 3D computer-animated comedy became a well-known children movie due to its inspiring plot development and lovable characters such as Judy – the first rabbit to become a police officer, Nick – the seemingly sly but caring red fox, as well as Flash – the infamous 2“fastest” sloth. Fans of the cartoon film will be further inspired to chase their dreams with eight delightful designs featuring their favourite never-say-die characters.

Another Walt Disney movie that is the current talk-of-the-town is The Jungle Book. Remade multiple times through books, TV series and films, fans of this heartstring-tugging movie can expect Mowgli the ‘man cub’ and his jungle wolf family to continue its appeal through Swensen’s ice-cream cake designs.

Continue to enjoy your favourite movie off-screen with Swensen’s new Walt Disney Movie-themed Ice-Cream Cakes, available in 23 ice-cream flavours, including all-time favourites such as Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Frosted Chocolate Malt, Thin Mint, Strawberry Sherbet, Rocky Road, Salted Gula Melaka and Macadamia Nut. Cakes are customizable in 4 different shapes; heart, square, round and rectangle, making your ice-cream cake adventure even more enjoyable!

Swensen’s Star Wars series, Zootopia and The Jungle Book ice-cream cakes are available at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets from 1st May 2016.

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