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Hearty Salads delivered to your desk

We had a quick chat with Phyllis, boss of Spinacas, aka rider and healthy chief chef.

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How did Spinacas come about:

Spinacas came about after a 2-month sabbatical in Spain in 2013. In Europe, fresh produce and whole foods were always easily available; eating well was a way of life.

So after getting used to eating hearty salads (fresh leafy greens plus a substantial portion of meat) in Europe, I tried to re-create the same meal experience in Singapore.

However salads that were nutritious, hearty and delicious just didn’t exist. Most salads were too protein-light and carb-heavy. So I started making my own salads, always including more meat and cooking them in flavour packed combinations.

I packed some for friends to try and they loved it! As more friends ordered, I started making deliveries on my red Vespa, scootering around town to send boxes of delicious-heartiness to friends.

And that’s how ‘Hearty Salads Delivered’ came about.

What does Spinacas offer? What are your best-sellers and what are some of their features?

Spinacas delivers hearty meal-sized salads to your desk.

Each salad comprises of a a box of baby spinach, warm meat and dressing (packed separately). We usually give at least 100g (1/4 lb) of meat.

Our best sellers are the Morrocan Spiced Chicken and and BBQ Pulled Pork.

The chicken is marinated with a fiery Middle Eastern spice blend for 12 hours.

The pork is slow cooked in a cinnamon-meat stock until it is meltingly tender, then we toss it with our special bbq sauce.

We offer 5 meat and 2 vegetarian options in 2 sizes ($11 Reg, $9 Petite). The minimum order is $30 and we deliver FREE!

How are you different from other salad bars/health food eateries?

Firstly, our focus is on flavour-packed meats and nutritious greens (baby spinach). We don’t include any breads, pastas or carbs in our salads.

Secondly, we keep things super simple by only letting customers choose the meat, as our toppings are fixed. We believe our salad already has the best possible topping combination!

Finally, we don’t think you need to pay for delivery, so it’s FREE plus it’s delivered in a stylish red Vespa!

Who are your target customers?

Our salads are suitable for Paleo/Primal dieters, and for those who appreciate eating whole, natural and unprocessed foods.

What is your food philosophy? Do you eat healthy all the time?

Like to focus on eating whole and unprocessed food. I stick to Paleo diet during the weekdays and limit eating simple carbs like breads only for 1-2 meals (cheatdays) during weekends.

Good News, Spinacas will extend a 10% discount to orders coming from The Influencer Media.

The discount code will be: TIN10



195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-55 Singapore


9770 7039

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