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Holiday Inn Express is so fuss-free, here’s why!

Society often emphasize speed and efficiency as positive attributes, and our lifestyles have been shaped to these concepts unknowingly. With Holiday Inn Express, a vacation stay for tourists and businessmen, and staycation for couples looking to unwind and relax in our sunny Singapore, can be made hassle-free! The addition of the word “Express” meant serious business – from the architectural design to breakfast and room layout, Holiday Inn Express is a no-frills hotel stay for people who value time as money. We give the reasons why we love Holiday Inn Express!

1) Self-service culture

No bell boys also mean no need for tips – you unload your own luggage at Holiday Inn Express. Some may detest the idea of having to lug one’s bulky luggage but it is a lot faster to do it on your own, at your own comfortable pace.

2) Comfortable and more-than-adequate rooms

Holiday Inn Express holds a simple and functional room design. A study desk and a comfortable bed, with artworks put up to evoke sense of homeliness. Some may find the toilet a little cramped. The room is a little small but the vertical illusion of having a high ceiling gives an impression of a spacious area.

3) Infinity pool at a fuss-free hotel

A mini infinity pool, the rooftop pool is just 40m wide. The view overlooks Robertson Quay and Clarke Quay, showcasing the city’s unique landscape. Again, everything is self-service – you pick your own towel from the rack and return it on your own.

4) 24-hour rooftop gym just few floors up


If you are the kind who gets shy while working out with others… Holiday Inn Express gym is open 24-hours. Now you can sneak up to exercise at 3am at dawn and nobody is going to judge you!

5) Convenient spots for breakfasts

Holiday Inn Express offers free complimentary breakfast for any occupants staying in the hotel. Seating are based on first-come first-serve basis, although there will likely not have a shortage of seats if you are here. There is a smoking corner and indoor/outdoor area. If you hate to be with people or in a rush for time, do consider the takeaway feature that the hotel offers. The takeaway comes in the form of a cute paper holder, allowing you to load 2 muffins at a time!

6) For the workaholics

There are desktops at the hotel lobby free for all to use, equipped with internet access. Each room will also be given a wifi-passcode that enables up to 6 users to be on the same network at the same time! Connectivity is made fast and easy.

7) Everything-in vending machine

From chips to drinks to… body mists, toiletries and… condoms? Here is a cute vending machine at the lobby of Holiday Inn Express for anything you need, from food to personal hygiene!

Holiday Inn Express is a reasonable and affordable hotel stay given the amenities and location. It is in the vicinity of Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay and just a distance away from the city center, it is a golden place for those seeking a fuss-free and convenient stay in Singapore.

Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay 2 Magazine Road Singapore 059573

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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