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I Love Being A Blogger! [NICH]

I Love Being A Blogger!


Why does one loves being a blogger? I would say Fame, Publicity and Sponsorship! Don’t be shy because these are the fact as a blogger!

One most common things i always ALWAYS get from my friends ” wa you very shoik leh, always got free things one, so good so jealous of you!!! ” I would say one of the thing I love being a blogger is because you get sponsors. To try things first than the rest and also get them free!! Besides getting to know more friends and all the fun experiences as a blogger (that’s for sure), these are some of the things bloggers would get priority to enjoy first!

-Invites for exclusive movie previews, -media events, -concerts, -food tasting sessions, -product launches, -sponsors, -sponsored products, -sponsored trips, -parties, -paid advertorial

and many more!

Some of the highlights i could actually dig and share with you!

Sponsored blogshop item from 我的啊妈; Vintage Marketplace located at Haji Lane!


Fully sponsored trip to Genting!

Sponsored PUMA items!!


Sponsored food tasting!


A 8 days fully sponsored trip to Korea!


Sponsored 21st birthday cake!


And many many more! Isn’t it interesting?! “A memories of what i’ve done, capturing the journey in my life!” i thought to myself and the reason why i started blogging is with the passion going on and on flies time and its’s been years!!! A look back in a future about myself! You can browse through my blog, checking out my exciting fun moments my blogging journey have been!! Here’s something awesome for you if you have the interest or always been wanting to be a blogger and most importantly, the passion to blog!

Gambatte! .


“Wanna win an iPad Mini or 12-months blogging contract? You can enjoy the perks of being a Blogger too!!!

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