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Is There Space for Political Ideologies through Creative Expression in Singapore?

Can political ideologies be pushed through creative expressions? Following the Toa Payoh’s hateful graffiti towards the ruling political party in Singapore, we discuss the means in which freedom of speech has been premeditated by unique means, albeit artistic level.

Sticker Girl from Singapore

sticker 1

Anonymous Hacking


Toa Payoh Graffiti


Expressing political ideals is sensitive and certainly, the veil of anonymity protects the identity of the oppressed to express freedom of speech. Though I feel that it has been unbecoming for citizens to resort to malicious means to voice their discontentment towards the ruling party, it takes two to clap. Especially with the recent spate of events and their significance, this might prompt a needed structural insight between the government and its citizens.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

#anonymous #singapore #stickergirl #toapayohgraffiti

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