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McDonald’s Singapore fulfils Singaporeans’ wishes by bringing back the “Nasi Lemak” Burger

McDonald’s “Nasi Lemak” Burger is making a comeback in restaurants from 31 August – a wish-come-true for Singaporeans and fans who have taken to social media to call for the return of their favourite locally-inspired creation.

Following its launch on 13 July, the “Nasi Lemak” Burger stirred up a craze islandwide, receiving a string of positive reviews from customers and food critics alike. Little did Singaporeans know, McDonald’s has been listening closely to their wishes and steadily planning for a sweet surprise this August. To mark the comeback of one of its most popular creations, McDonald’s has since kick-started a campaign by responding to Singaporeans’ social media posts and tweets about the burger in a series of quirky advertisements.

Now that Singaporeans’ fervent support has paid off, McDonald’s wants everyone to indulge in the locally-inspired menu once again, starting with the “Nasi Lemak” Burger (from $5.95), Coconut Pie (from $1.20), Chendol McFlurry® (from $3) and Bandung McFizz (from $3.00), as well as new additions including the Potato Wedges (M) (from $3.80) and Sweet Corn Cone (from $1).

Those who have been longing for another taste of local goodness can order the locally-inspired menu after breakfast hours in all McDonald’s restaurants, Drive-Thru and via McDelivery®, while stocks last.

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