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New Balance and Foot Locker Kickstart 2021 with exclusive 327 collection with local artists

Launched on 4 March, the exclusive 327 collection features local artists who are pioneers in their craft donning the 327, a silhouette that made its first appearance last year. Drawing from the passion held by youths and the strong attitude of the 327, the collection is set to empower and energise aspiring individuals of today’s generation.

Featuring homegrown artist Ng See Min and local R&B funk trio brb., and utilising the brand’s iconic “N” as a unifying beacon, their stories of positively engaging their local communities are weaved together through their expression and style. With their fiery convictions, these youths are not afraid to be leaders of their generation. Similarly, the retro 327 silhouette is an adoration for the 70s zeitgeist that is captured by the fearlessly independent attitudes of today’s generation. Thus, the collection is a celebration of boldness and confidence embodied by our youths.

“I hope to be able to inspire future generations to believe in themselves, and that they can achieve anything they set their minds to regardless of the background that they came from”, shared See Min. She is Singapore’s first ever Jagua tattoo artist and has a strong passion for art and self-expression. See Min aims to eradicate the stigma against body art in Singapore. Unapologetic and steadfast in her style and expression, See Min’s story is reflected perfectly through the 327’s refreshing combination of pink lemonade, black and lemon haze – a colourway that is creative, filled with personality, and always unafraid of evolving styles.

brb., comprising of Marc, Zie and Clarence, is a three-member music group with roots in R&B funk. Formed because of the members’ shared love for R&B, hip hop and soul, the group has been fighting the stereotypical perception that local music is “subpar” in comparison to international music.

The band hopes “to see a growing community of artists and creators unafraid to take the road less travelled”. They are an advocate to remain open to change as it is the key for progression. They desire to leave a legacy of work that will fire off a chain reaction to inspire future generations to come. Matching the attitude of band with the Munsell white and summer fog colourway, it is simple yet stylish to create a bold sartorial statement. Be it fighting the negative associations with body art or bravely pursuing the career path less travelled in Singapore, both See Min and brb. have come far, doing extraordinary things for the community while inspiring others to break out of their moulds and do the same. This exclusive 327 collection brings together like-minded individuals and celebrates their work, beliefs, and ability to energise a generation.

The two colourways featured for the exclusive 327 collection will be available exclusively at Foot Locker stores.

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