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New chef and offerings at Ujong @ Raffles

Ujong @ Raffles sees a new executive chef in helm, taking the previous local-fusion fare away with a new concept menu, aimed to delight and amaze with the well-loved Singapore cuisines. Located at the Singapore’s iconic landmark, The Raffles Hotel, Ujong @ Raffles has some very large shoes to fill in terms of expectations.

The Chee Chong Fun with Foie Gras ($18) is quite overpriced. We did not get to try it with the crispy foie gras that was supposed to be topped on the Chee Cheong Fun. The rice rolls is pretty standard with no fillings, and the housemade foie gras sauce is pretty good although in measly portion. It is rich and powdery in texture but it does not capture or retain the charm of the local fare.

Lobster Kueh Pie Tee ($18) is a little disappointing with the portion against the price. The braised lobster were diced in too small pieces to have a discerning texture, which is a pity because the turnips were soft and sweet, and the kueh pie tee is also thin and crispy.

Long Xia Chao Fan ($22) is one of the more decent mains. Translated to ‘Lobster Fried Rice’, it comes with bits of scallops, salted fish bits and lobsters. The rice is a little too bland despite the ingredients – it felt a little detached from the dish. The rice is a little too moist as well.

The dessert at Ujong is the dish that lives up to the expectations of the restaurant. Mango Pudding ($12) is a housemade mango pudding with pomegranate and mint. The pudding itself is very light, and it melts in the mouth. The sweetness of the pudding is discreet and classy. The dried nectarine on top is crispy, almost like biscotti.

The prices at Ujong @ Raffles is on the high side. The portions and taste are not exactly justifiable. We feel that Ujong @ Raffles has great potential, and they generally serve better desserts than the mains and starters. The concept of the restaurant is unique and inspiring, hoping to elevate the local food fare with class and grace. However, the price you pay may not be exactly what you will get.

UJONG @ Raffles 328 North Bridge Road Raffles Hotel Arcade, #01-10 Singapore 188719 +65 6635 6502

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photo: Nichology

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