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PAUL Introduces New French Classics

A lover of French food, particularly artisanal breads? If you are then PAUL is the place to visit. Known for its handmade traditional and specialty breads, PAUL offers a true taste of French traditional culinary heritage.

It has recently refreshed its menu and here are some of the new dishes it has added to its collection.

To start off, we have well, their bread as starters. Look pretty ordinary? It’s actually more tasty than other breads. You just have to try spreading butter on it. Warning: you will be impressed.

We always start off our meals with salad so here’s  Salade de la mer. It’s a seafood salad with prawns, mussels, octopus, avocado, grapefruit and radish. I think it’s one salad that is really generous with its range of ingredients because salads usually come with prawns and octopus at most. With all the different ingredients, there’s a mixture of different flavours. The grapefruit makes it sweet, the octopus causes it to be a little chewy and surprisingly the avocado was really soft.

Next up we have Tartine boeuf, basically sirloin steak on a bread. It was grilled really well and you can see the nice pinkish colour of the meat. It wasn’t too rare or too hard if you are afraid that the texture may not turn out according to your expectation.

This is Longe de thon. Seasoned tuna loin grilled and served with roasted vegetables. It is a little on the raw side, so if you can’t take raw stuff, make sure you have someone who loves fish sitting next to you. Not everyone is accustomed to the taste of this dish, it’s an acquired taste.

What dish is a must when it comes to French cuisine? The highlight of the meal was none other than Confit de canard, roast herb marinated duck leg. It was as good as it looks, tender and soft, a perfect dish you could slice up in less than 10 seconds and serve to your partner (it was tested and proven by us).

Time for dessert! Eclair Paris-Brest, traditional choux pastry with hazelnut cream. The taste of the cream was really sweet and welcoming. Combining the two was really a good choice.

Ice cream anyone? Here’s gaufre aver glace, waffle with fresh berries, vanilla soft ice cream and chocolate sauce. The waffle stands out really tall and is very crispy (110%). Take it slow slicing it up and eat your ice cream before it melts.


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We had a great time at PAUL enjoying French food and if you are keen on checking out their outlets they can be found below:

Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #03-16/17.

Tanglin Mall, #01-16/17.

Ocean Financial Centre Basement 1, #B1-01.

Ocean Financial Centre Level 1.

Westgate, #01-05.

Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-07.

Changi Airport Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge Central, #02-36 (Opening

in December 2014)

Writer: Samuel Low

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