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Places that We Miss of Singapore of the Past

As kids from the 80s or 90s, the Singapore we know of then has changed drastically. The needs of the growing population as well as the development of our country have to come first. As our population has grown, places have to be sacrificed for amenities of higher importance or priority. Let’s revisit these places again, the places of our past, now part of our memories.

  1. Playgrounds

Why playgrounds? It’s not as if there are none now. True but there have been so much changes to the playgrounds now compared to the playgrounds of the past. In the past there were sand, see saws and so much more.


They didn’t have to be aesthetically safe. Parents didn’t worry about kids falling down and hurting themselves because it was part of life, we all fall and pick ourselves up. We made friends with random kids at the playground and had fun running around. Now, kids tend to get scolded for simply running around.

  1. Fields

With scare land in Singapore, most of the fields out there are now part of commercial properties or have been converted into parking lots. Yes, there are still parks and fields but they are just very man made and specially demarcated for certain purposes.


When I was young, there used to be plots of grass available for us kids to just run around and chase butterflies and tiger moths. Now, we barely even see butterflies welcoming us at parks. Even when I go to reservoirs, they are so packed with people that we can come to the consensus that we Singaporeans treasure nature subconsciously, perhaps more than we know it ourselves.

  1. Street stalls

Ever wonder why Singaporeans are always so into street food? The simplest reason would be because there are none in Singapore.

There are plenty in Malaysia, Indonesia and the night markets in Taiwan are also an extension of the street stalls. These places are exactly where we go to for holidays to enjoy food.

There are hawker centers in Singapore but the feel cannot be compared to street stalls. They have become so commercialized that most of the food are ready made and easy to mass produce that the taste is never really as appealing as those sold on the streets. Our street stalls of the past have vanished as our country has developed and it is no wonder we miss them.


What have been the defining moments in the lives of us, Singaporeans? All the people who matter to us and the places we have grown up in.

As Singapore celebrates her 49th birthday, let’s hold on to our memories of how Singapore was like as she has developed over the years, so that the future generations will learn how she used to be.

Credits to for the cover photo.

Writer: Samuel Low

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