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Pretty entrepreneur and Toasties serves up delicious Halal subs

Toasties is a newly opened establishment by a young (and pretty) entrepreneur. The concept of the cafe centers around providing quality and delicious subs to the Muslim community. Some time back, Toasties received several backlash on social media, particularly from another Halal-subs concept and other concerned Muslims alike, mostly on the misunderstood “self-sufficed” claim of Toasties’ Halal status.



We spoke to Atwell Lim, the young entrepreneur behind Toasties, on clarifications of the issue. We learnt that the application for Halal status is usually a long process. Toasties’ suppliers are all Halal-certified, and the cafe is also helmed by some very friendly maciks, who were supportive of their boss (even raving about her to us) and the management of toasties. The cafe is currently waiting for muis confirmation of the status regarding the application. We tried out some of the menu to taste for ourselves the hype that has been going on around.


Grilled Beef with Egg Mayo. I particularly like the egg mayo; it is slightly sweet and the mayonnaise taste is not as overpowering.


Italion Trio – fiercely packed with salami, pepperoni and beef bacon.

A concept inspired by Subway, Toasties gives you the choice of Regular (6″) ($4.90 – $6.90) or Footlong (12″) (+$3.50) subs. You can choose the type of subs you want – Crunchy (topped with breadcrumbs and Parmesan for that extra crunch and flavour), Honey Oats, Premium (well-toasted white bread) and Oregano Parmesan. The breads are baked freshly every morning at the back kitchen. Indeed, the breads are fresh and soft to the bite and crispy outside, just as the tagline suggests, toasted to perfection.


A Set Meal (+$2.90) entitles you to a drink and cheesy nachos or the cheesy sausage. The cheese rather fluid but that does not affect the taste and is also generous in serving.


(From left) Cheesy Sausage, dices of sausages drenched in cheese. The sausage is salty and the generous serving of cheese makes it too salty for my personal preference but it should go well with your subs. Mushroom Soup ($2.90) with generous slices of mushroom, should be a hit with mushroom lovers. The chunks of mushroom in the thick creamy soup gives a nice texture. Clam Chowder ($2.90) brings some seafood flavor on the palate and it should appeal to clam chowder lovers more.


One of the more special item that Toasties offers is the thin-crust Pizza, prepared on the spot. You can choose between BBQ or tomato base for the pizza. Prepare fresh on the spot with the toppings of your choice, the thin crust is very crispy with the toppings on top to balance the texture. Eating the pizza fresh from the oven is a pleasure.

Toasties offers pretty decent subs with generous servings of sauces and ingredients. One of the more salient point that made Toasties stand out would be the guaranteed freshness of the breads that are baked freshly in-house every morning. The toppings and sauces are the standard ones but the welcoming staffs and tasty subs will leave you coming for more.

Toasties 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1171 Singapore 524201

Photos: Nichology Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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