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Ramen Champion introduces new Shabu-Shabu experience

Other than offering a wide variety of ramen (check out our Guide) under one roof, Ramen Champion has rolled out the new shabu-shabu experience under their new menu, made available at selected Ramen Champion restaurants. Here is a step-by-step manual to an impeccable shabu-shabu experience at Ramen Champion.

Soup Base


Here is where you can pick your yin-yang soup bases. You can choose 2 of the 4 soup bases available – Paitan (Pork), Miso, Kelp and Tom Yum. Paitan and Tom Yum were recommended, and they contrasted each other well. Paitan soup is a lightly seasoned and clean soup, while the Tom Yum soup should be a hit with spicy lovers; the soup is spicier but less sour than typical Tom Yum.

Sets Available


There are different sets available to cater to different number of persons; from normal pork to seafood platter. Do overestimate the food portions for yourself though – the portions are undeniably small. Of course, should the food be not enough, you can always go for ala carte menus: from $2.80 for Sapporo Ramen to $19.80 for the Wagyu Beef.

Of course, what is shabu-shabu without sesame or ponzu sauce! You get to mix your own condiments of the sauces suited to your tastebuds. We definitely liked it a little more spicy!

What else are available?


Other than the shabu shabu menu, there are sides that you can order – we particularly liked the California Roll, which was fresh and sweet. The Okonomiyaki Gyoza was accompanied by some nice sauce, but the filling came off a little disappointing.

While prices are on the high side, Ramen Champion makes it up with the fast service and exciting sides menu. If you are looking for a different shabu-shabu experience with Ramen, this is worth the shot!

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photos: Nichology

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