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Relive the Past with the Old Favorites at 1933

Looking for your all-time, old favourites? Look no further, as BreadTalk Group launches its new cafe, 1933. Designed in reminiscence of Singapore in the 1930s, you can find traces of Peranakan-motif in the cafe.


1933 serves signature Southeast Asia cuisine that reflects the Nanyang identity of migrants in the 1930s, offering a balance of both Asian and Western flavours. Take a trip back to that time where cultures converged and get to enjoy the best of both worlds.


One specialty of 1933 is their French bread bowls that give off the oldies feel. Two dishes have these and they come highly recommended.


When we first saw this dish being served, we all assumed it was pumpkin. Surprisingly, it was carrot soup. The 1933 Power Carrot. What’s special about this dish is that it simply tastes sweet and there is no trace of carrot at all, something that works for kids who dislike their veggies.


This is the Nanyang Curry Chicken and it comes in a bread bowl. It offers a taste of Southeast Asian curry and with it are a variety of ingredients that include kampong chicken, potato chunks and carrots. Flavourful and fragrant, it is one dish that gives off a heart-warming feel.


What is the Nanyang period with Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice? Just knowing that it is kampong chicken that is being served should tempt you, after all we know that kampong chicken is tender and less oily compared to other chickens. The next important thing about chicken rice that we look out for is the rice and you will be pleased to know that the rice has that fragrance and meet our expectations.


Here at 1933, they serve coffee that is Torrefacto or traditional Nanyang based coffee beans presented in a trendy espresso style. I ordered a hot latte and it looks really good for an Instagram photograph. This design is available for both iced and hot coffee, so for those who love chilled drinks, don’t fret about it. Taste wise, it is aromatic and has this chocolaty aftertaste. Satisfy your coffee craving here at 1933.

1933 Singapore 15 Stamford Road L1-83 Galleria, Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906 Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

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