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Rolling Out Panda Sushi with the Foodpanda

Did you know that Maki-san is one of the partners of Foodpanda? That means you can get your own sushi and salad delivered to your doorstep!


What’s so special about Maki-san? If getting to customise your own sushi is not special, what is?

Foodpanda organised a creative sushi art workshop and we were introduced to Maki-san. We were given the opportunity to make our own panda sushi rolls with step by step explanation provided.


Chef Tan taught us the basics of how to lay out the different ingredients to form the cute panda sushi. We had our hands at it and it was surprisingly simple.


This is my handiwork, how does it fare? Do I get two thumbs up?


We also had our turn at customising our own unique sushi rolls with the ingredients we wanted. There were certainly a wide variety of ingredients to choose from. Crab stick, broccoli, asparagus, straw mushrooms, eggs, salmon were just some of them. How do you like your sushi?


For more information visit and


Terms and conditions:

  1. Minimum order of $10

  2. Valid only for online and paypal payments

  3. Valid only for 1st time foodpanda customers only

  4. Valid for all restaurants EXCEPT PastaMania, Canadian Pizza, Sakae Sushi, Golden Pillow 933, Hei Sushi, Rocky Pizza & Spizza

  5. foodpanda reserves the right to cancel orders and ACCOUNTS if fraud activities are detected

  6. foodpanda reserves the right to stop this VOUCHER to be used on certain restaurants without prior notice

  7. Individual restaurants terms & conditions apply

Maki-san 2 Handy Road, Former Cathay Building, Singapore 229233 6737 8772

Second outlet is at The Arcade @ Raffles Place #01-12.

Writer: Samuel Low

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