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Singapore on International Fame, Again – Top 6 news in 2014 thus far

Singapore, other than being known as one of the smallest country in the world, has a lot of other reputation going on. Widely known as the country that bans chewing gum, Singapore has a long history of getting international limelight with the laws and regulation. Recently, 6 local headlines got to the worldwide attention in 2014, albeit with stunningly different effect.

1)      Changi Airport as the best airport in the world



One of the news that made us Singaporeans proud is that Singapore has clinched the World’s Best Airports award for 2014… After being bestowed with the same honour in 2013.

2)     Victoria Beckham’s label launch

Photo 10-7-14 10 10 52 pm

Photo 10-7-14 10 11 11 pm

Posh Spice of the former girl groupie Spice Girls launched her collection in Singapore. The collection of the label of her namesake is exclusively at OnPedder, Scotts Square. Reaching out to her Instagram fans of 2.3 million, it made Singapore under the spotlight with the association.

3)     Roy Ngerng and PM Lee’s defamation suit


An international news because of the thematic concern, the Roy Ngerng and PM Lee’s defamation suit has led to coverage by various media worldwide, from The Economist to ABC news. It was mentioned that Roy has sent the instructed deleted post to many editors in a bid to spread his theory.

4)     Pink Dot as a LGBTQ rally



The Pink Dot is nothing short of publicity in our conservative state. In our country where “pro-family” values are encouraged and put forth, the stance towards LGBTQ community is less so. On the annual rally, the event was covered by many international media, including Time.

5)     Anti-Gambling advertisement


Possibly one of the longest lasting meme for the internet this World Cup season, the National Counsel for Problem Gambling advertisement had gone viral – for the wrong reasons. The ad fell flat was met with spoofs following Germany’s victory in the World Cup season – a whopping 7-1 against Brazil. It was even featured on Jimmy Fallon. With Germany winning the World Cup, the advertisement almost fell flat; though with a good save from the team with a new edit.

6)     NLB banned books



Following the stand towards “pro-family” philosophy, 3 books that contained hint of homosexuality or the “alternative” lifestyle were lest removed; they were set to be destroyed and pulped. This controversy led to several local writers and citizens expressing distaste, with an online petition and campaign #FreeMyLibrary. The story was picked up by Washington Post and BBC news to humorous effect.

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