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Photo: The Theatre Practice

The Theatre Practice (Practice) behind Four Horse Road is back with another show, The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets, an interactive murder mystery. Albeit the onset of tighter Covid-19 restrictions with the announcement of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on 14 May 2021, Practice decided that their show must go on.

The production will proceed fully digitally, in a bid to adapt to the unpredictable and constantly changing landscape in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo: The Theatre Practice

The production is set in a house outside time and space and revolves around seven women from different eras. One of the seven women is murdered, and it is up to the audience to crack the case, find the murderer and stand a chance to win $1000 cash and a 3D2N stay in Hotel Soloha!

Birth of The Bride Always Knocks Twice -- Killer Secrets

For this unique, one of a kind production, director Kuo Jian Hong enlisted the help of scriptwriters Jonathan Lim and Liu Xiaoyi for the birth of this suspenseful murder mystery.

Jonathan says, “So much had to be new because of the digital and interactive aspects of this version, but once we re-entered the house, we were on familiar ground. We had such fun finding how to interlock our styles (in 2013), and it gave us a strong rapport to start with. We could tag-team the writing with ease.”

Xiaoyi adds, “Writing a script requires a strict sense of structure, and writing a script in this genre requires an even more strict ability of logical thinking. We spent a lot of time on the process of conceptualization and discussion, which made the writing later very smooth.”

The conceptualization of the script aside, this multimodal production was something that not many of the crew were familiar with, and had to do a fair amount of research before commencing on this project.

Photo: The Theatre Practice/Facebook

Film veteran Kat Goh admitted that they were rather new to online murder-mystery games, and had to Google a few games to familiarise themselves with what the audience would be expecting.

“This project allows me to BE part of it by doing what I do for a living. I see the shoot as the same as any normal short film shoot. What I bring to the table is my familiarity with film crew and creatives, and I hope I brought together a team that suits the project,” Kat says. With a wealth of film expertise under their belt, Kat is sure to have produced an exciting blend between film, theatre and gaming.

Of course, there is no production without a cast. Actors Isabella Chiam, Jun Ying Su, Jodi Chan, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, Suhaili Safari, MP Ng and Gloria Ang Xiao Ting started an intensive rehearsal schedule that would allow them to brave through performances as if in a real theatre, work with a camera and stay in character during the “live” interrogation.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets is not Practice’s first production to have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Last April, the production of Four Horse Road 2020 faced an early closure as well.

But this year, the team behind this production is determined not to let this show go down without a fight.

Initially an innovative and revolutionary multi-platform production that involved the audience’s participation to solve the mystery, safety restrictions have called for the decision to make this a fully online experience.

Photo: The Theatre Practice/Facebook

“We’re disappointed but the show must go on. We’ve created over 40 online works in the past year, so we are ready to adapt without compromising on artistic quality,” director Kuo Jian Hong says.

“In-person or online, rain or shine, this pandemic has shown how innovative and resilient our Singapore artists are.”

The initial onsite inspection for Chapter 3: Crime Scene has moved to a virtual crime-scene investigation, and an extra viewing date for Chapter 4: Revelations has been added to provide audiences with more flexibility. The original Tea Time Tales segment has also been fully cancelled.