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Strike a pose with TIN Digital Artiste Yap Xinde

Yap Xinde, 20, is a marketing student studying in Temasek Polytechnic. Signed on recently with The Influencer Network as a digital artiste, Xinde looks set to conquer the digital entertainment world with his boyish good looks and a lean defined bod. Touted as the ‘Justin Bieber’ of Singapore, Xinde will be appearing on online TV programmes and shows hosted on As a new face in this industry, Xinde definitely has the advantage, especially in an industry dominated by young fashionable girls.

The Influencer Network’s artiste management team arranged a photoshoot for Xinde and we are very pleased with the results:
















The TIM team sat down with Yap Xinde and asked him a few questions.

1) What do you hope to achieve by joining the Influencer Network?

I hope to be exposed to the vast and interesting world of social media. I hope to learn from the experienced influencers and grow as an individual.

2) Given a chance to work with a celeb blogger you know, who will he/she be?

I will want to work with Nich Tan  (  as I think he is a very fun and interesting guy. He is also very friendly and open, which helped me feel less tense when I first joined TIN.

3) Fame or fortune..?


4) Complete this sentence.. The Yap Xinde on social media is…..

The Yap Xin De on Social media is active, open and always ready to know more people and to learn more.

5) What do you post on your Instagram ?

I post pictures of my life, people in my life, food and pets. You can follow me on

6) Can you share with us some interesting instagrammers you follow?

Nich Tan, Hong Peng, Benvoda and William Tan.

(Photo Credits: IHC500DPhotography)

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