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STRONG Pilates debuts in Singapore, in partnership with Yoga Movement

Australian fitness franchise, STRONG Pilates has announced it will exclusively partner with Yoga Movement, one of the largest boutique fitness operators in Southeast Asia, to bring its rapidly growing fitness movement to the Singapore market.

Over a 3 - 4 year period, the partnership will see 11 new STRONG Pilates studios open across Singapore. Following its recent expansion across Australia and UK, STRONG has opened 10 new studios in 2023 alone, with Singapore bringing the global studio count to 43.

Part resistance pilates, part cardio, STRONG Pilates is the perfect full body workout in a high-intensity 45-minute class via the purpose built Rowformer and Bikeformer. It offers customers a range of daily classes alternating between upper body, lower body, core, obliques or a combination and offers a high-intensity, low impact, full body workout.

Its success in the Australian market coincides with statistics in 2022 which showed that more than 1 million Australians participated in pilates, with the world’s largest health club aggregator, ClassPass© reporting a 250% growth in Pilates class reservations compared to the previous 12 months, naming pilates the fastest growing genre in Australia and New Zealand.

This is also reflected in the Singapore market with Pilates included in the top 5 genres in Singapore along with Cycling, Yoga, Strength Training & Boxing. According to ClassPass, Pilates doubled YoY in terms of reservations with the highest sell-out rates over the last 12 months, while Strength Training grew by 74%, making the STRONG Pilates model an ideal fit for the Singapore market. Founded in 2012, Yoga Movement has garnered over 85,000+ members since its inception. Its concept around fitness-lifestyle delivers a unique experience across nine locations by fusing together multi-levelled workouts with carefully curated spaces that bring to life the brands’ vibrant personality.

Founders of Yoga Movement, Peter Thew and Alicia Pan said: “We’re thrilled to enhance our offering to include STRONG Pilates. Last year, Yoga Movement saw a total of 365,000 attendances to classes and we're projected to see more than half a million visits this coming year. We're excited to be adding a new fitness routine with STRONG Pilates which is unlike any of our current workouts.”

Founders of STRONG Pilates, Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong said: “We are looking forward to bringing the STRONG format to new audiences across Asia, following its popularity in the Australian and UK market. We share core values with Yoga Movement and believe this will be very complementary to its existing member base, and based on demand, the wider community.”

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