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Swag ME Out debuts with Joey Ong, The Influencer Talent!

Ready to take the digital generation by storm, The Influencer TV will launch its first video and programme on 13 June 2014.


The Influencer TV is an online TV featuring the hottest stars in the virtual community. Our digital artistes aim to give you insights on the latest news of relevance and importance in a fun and interactive way. Get ready for juicy gossips, alter-egos and challenges as our digital artistes put up entertaining and informative episodes for you.


Swag ME Out, the first programme to debut on 13 June 2014, will be the online programme circling around localized news that are close to heart and relatable by many. Through the hearty way of speech and the charm of our expressive stars, Swag Me Out aims to be the new digital phenomenon. It will win the hearts and be talked about by many.

In the first episode of Swag ME Out, The Influencer Talent, Joey Ong, will be airing her views on the recent Roy Ngerng and PM Lee saga. Whose side will she be on? Why? Watch on as she explains to us her rationale and arguments through her ever-funny facial expressions!

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