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The Dim Sum Dollies: A Night of Candid Humour and Fancy Costumes

Surely you have heard of the Dim Sum Dollies? They are back at the Esplande with The History of Singapore Part 2: The Growing Up Years.

We know what is your initial response when you see the words “history of Singapore”. You are likely to be immediately reminded of your Social Studies and History textbooks but hold on, this is the history of Singapore according to the Dim Sum Dollies. Like they say “facts are not guaranteed but laughter is confirmed”.

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We were so excited about the production because the Dim Sum Dollies are well known for their candid humour and all their fancy costumes. What’s more, Hossan Leong is also starring in the production.

The production started off with the Dim Sum Dollies narrating the history of Singapore, setting the backdrop for the whole play and subsequently involved different scenes.

Be prepared for a time of laughter as the Dim Sum Dollies take on different roles and bring to you awesome song and dances with well coordinated choreography.


 Photo Credit: Dream Academy

What makes this production really perfect for Singaporeans is that everything in the play is something we can identify and relate with, the better we know our history of course. From the use of dialects, the pronunciation of people of different race, the foreign accents we hear so frequent to references to famous people and events in the 90s. All these elements are things we are familiar with and seeing them presented to us in a comical way unique to the Dim Sum Dollies brought us so much fun and laughter.


 Photo Credit: Dream Academy

The play ended on a really nice note that promoted harmony among the different groups of people living in Singapore through one of the most interesting analogies; the Dim Sum Dollies taking the role of different flowers.

Photo Credit: Dream Academy

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The Dim Sum Dollies even sang several Singaporean songs that we could all identify with as part of their encore, making their appearance in red and white costumes.

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We had a great time watching Dim Sum Dollies perform at the Esplande and there was really not one dull moment. It’s a production both adult and child can enjoy.

If you would like to purchase tickets visit SISTIC website: and catch the Dim Sum Dollies at the Esplanade from 11 – 23 December 2014.

Writer: Samuel Low

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