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The Order of Heroes Workshop, Shinning our Shoes

In collaboration with local fine leather shoes brand LLYR, the second installation of the Order of Heroes workshops will feature a shoe polish session with Saphir Medaille D’or, a brand used by the world’s finest shoemakers.


Alan, an expert from atelier LLYR, shared with us on how to maintain our leather shoes in tip top condition. It all begins with the first step of brushing our leather shoes clean of dust.


Before we begin polishing or waxing for the matter, it is always good to remove the laces or buckles of the shoes.


We were even taught how to hold the shoes while we go about polishing them. Sounds very simple but when you are holding the shoe, with polish in your other hand, you wonder how best to make the process comfortable and efficient.

We have to polish the shoes in a horizontal manner and the area of cloth that is in contact with the shoe has to be totally flat.


Should we polish our shoes with our bosses in mind or treat them like our girlfriends? Well, either one wouldn’t be a good option. A suitable amount of pressure needs to be applied as one polishes the shoe and both options seem to be too extreme.


Waxing is the final step if you want your shoe to shine. Never jump to this step because waxing alone will be inadequate to take care of your shoes.

We learned a lot about how to take care and maintain full leather grained shoes in this workshop. Every craft is never easy, so we definitely respect all those who try to maintain the state of their shoes. Every pair of shoe is an investment and we should take care of our investments.

Writer: Samuel Low

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