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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day falls on 11 May 2014 this year. It is not the only day that you should show appreciation for your mum but it is a great day to celebrate her unconditional maternal love for the years. Are you one of those kids who can’t think of a brilliant gift for your mum? We have Top 5 ideas to kick-start your creativity!

1) High-Tea/Dinner

(Yum Cha Singapore)

I don’t know about many other mothers, but my mum is practical and she always tells me not to waste money on things for her. A good way is to bring her out for dinners – dimsums, buffets, restaurants, zichar, or even cafes. It’ll be great to spend some quality family time over food and drinks, something to fill her stomach and her heart for a thoughtful child like you. You should know how the crowd is insane on Mothers’ Day so do make advance bookings at least 2 weeks for more popular eateries.

2) Beauty products/Perfume

(Kiehls beauty products)

This may be cliché but your mum will appreciate the thoughts in you picking a specific perfume or beauty product for her. It is also a sweet gesture since she will be using or wearing these essentials with her to work or for events, a little nod to the filial child she has raised.

3) Cakes

(Swee Heng 1989 Classic)

Mothers’ day is a celebration of the sacrificial maternal love so why not a cake for such an occasion? It does not have to be a fanciful cake with candles, but just a casual one to exemplify your appreciation to your mum, letting them know that you recognize their sacrifice.

4) Personalized items

(Customized passport covers)

Something for her to keep and tell her friends/relatives, “My daughter/son got me this,” would be nice. Get her personalized items – mugs, pens, passport covers, notebook, and phone-cases – something that is of practical use (or else she’ll be chiding you for wasting money again).

5) Memories

(Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay)

Buy her an experience, or a memory that she gets to keep forever. A family day to Gardens by the Bay, River Safari, USS or Adventure Cove. Buy your mum new memories for the ones she has gotten for you while you were young. It is a lovely way to celebrate your Mothers’ Day!

Show your mum appreciation and gratitude that she deserves for her unwavering love throughout the years. Do share with us what are some of the ways you celebrate your Mothers’ Day. We wish you a happy Mothers’ Day to you and your family!

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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