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Top 5 Hottest Mums in Singapore

All mothers in the world would love the doubtful “Is she your sister?” question by strangers. In celebration of Mothers’ Day, we’ve picked the Top 5 Hottest Mums in Singapore who will make you admire their beauty and in shock how they’ve raised their kids! Here’s to the list of mothers who have aged gloriously:


More known as Etrangle, Diah is a mummy blogger in Singapore. Even with 3 kids, she has maintained a gorgeous figure. Check out photos of her playing with her 3 daughters – a mum is prettiest while she’s with her children.


Enjoying her hiatus from the entertainment industry, Jacelyn Tay focuses her attention on son, Xavier. Even at 37, she looks like she is in her late-twenties. Maybe the joy as a mother now makes one youthful.


Successful Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun is blessed with a youthful face. No major physical changes even after the birth of her boy, she still looks how she was 10 years ago as an active singer.


Does she look like she has 2 children in their teens already? Jamie Chua takes such good care for her skin – going for treatment now and then as seen from her Instagram. I showed my colleague and he couldn’t believe she is a mother to 2 lovely kids.


Beautiful inside and out, Wong Li Lin, actress and fitness personality, has such a bubbly disposition that resonates with many. She possesses the mature woman glow that makes her hotter than ever in her prime.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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